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Template:Chapter InfoboxReborn's Concern is the 387th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Bermuda von Veckenschtein invites Reborn to his team. Reborn questions Bermuda's invitation, as he notes that Fon and Colonnello are stronger fighters, but Bermuda chuckles and replies that he didn't select him for strength; he selected him for his incredible influential ability, as he made Tsuna into a strong boss and, with one sentence, convinced Chrome to join his team. Bermuda explains that Reborn's insane, illogical decisions made him like him, since he liked crazy people.

Reborn doesn't respond, and instead asks Bermuda how special he was, as he was the only one that possessed a transparent Arcobaleno Pacifier. Bermuda responds that he too was an Arcobaleno, but he resisted the removal of his Pacifier and Checker Face only managed to take the Flame away from his Pacifier. Because of this, he gained superhuman powers and created a new Flame, the Flame of Night. With this power, he founded the Vindice organization to protect the laws of the mafia world as well as the Tri-ni-set, as Checker Face administrated them and the Vindice believed that they could avenge themselves by following the Tri-ni-set. Reborn asks one last question: what would become of the Arcobaleno following Checker Face's death. Bermuda is blunt: he explains that the Arcobaleno and all the Vindice would die, as Checker Face's life force was tied into the entire Arcobaleno and Arcobaleno Pacifier system. Reborn is concerned about Lal Mirch and Yuni, as they were not direct Arcobaleno, but Bermuda responds that sacrifice was necessary for revolution.

However, Tsuna bursts out that revenge that killed all the Arcobaleno was wrong, and he wouldn't permit it. Jager coldly laughs and asks Tsuna what he would do to stop them, to which Tsuna slowly replies that he would prevent them from winning the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Jager is angered, and moves to attack Tsuna, but Reborn fires a shot from his gun to prevent Jager's attack. Bermuda asks for Tsuna's forgiveness, as he claims that Jager was "excited easily". Reborn finally makes his decision, and informs Bermuda that he decided to follow Tsuna. Jager asks them if they really thought they could get out of the cave with that answer, but Tsuna icily asks them in turn if they thought that they couldn't get out of there on their own, entering Hyper Dying Will Mode.


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