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Reborn! VOMIC (Voice + Comic) is a TV show from Shueisa that broadcasted during the program Saki-yomi Bang Jump!, which started airing on December 3rd 2010 in TV Tokyo every Friday at 18:00, lasting around three minutes. The show consists of four episodes and ended on December 24, 2010. The show shows the voice actors of Reborn! saying the line as their character, just like in the anime, except in this show, it shows them drawn as manga characters. The story takes place at the beginning of Inheritance Ceremony Arc.






  • All the voice actor of the Simon Ring Holders, except Enma and Kouyou's, are new Reborn! voice actors.
  • Large was the only Simon Guardian who did not appear in the show.
  • Kouyou's voice actor's first name, Ryohei Kimura, is similar to Ryohei Sasagawa's name.

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