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Reborn is the eponymous character and deuteragonist of the series of the same name. While seemingly appearing to be a baby, he actually holds the title of the world's strongest hitman and is well-known for his ties with the Vongola Famiglia. He was sent by the Vongola Ninth to train the next boss of the Vongola Family, Tsunayoshi Sawada.

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Adult Reborn bunko 21 cover

Reborn from Volume 21 of the bunko edition.

Reborn is a small infant. He is slightly tanned with black spiky hair and thin curly sideburns. His main outfit is an all black suit, with a red long-sleeved shirt and black necktie from underneath, and a black fedora with an orange stripe, his fedora seems to contain all of his hair. He is always seen with his pet chameleon Leon, on the brim of his hat, along with his Sun Arcobaleno Pacifier. After his curse is lifted Reborn loses his pacifier, however, he compensates with a replica pacifier since he could not be at ease without one.

While in his adult form, he wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt instead, and his blazer is changed to a waistcoat in some promotional images. 

Reborn has also worn many various costumes that vary in design and creativity, which are often very easily able to trick others into believing that he's a different person, except for Tsuna who can easily see through his costumes.

Personality Edit

Among all the Arcobaleno, he is said to be the strongest. It was revealed in a flashback that Reborn initially showed anger towards the Arcobaleno curse; however, after a period of exile, he came to accept it, asking Shamal to "erase" his old self. As an Arcobaleno, he remains fairly calm through any situation and always putting a straight face, even in his "fights" against Colonnello. He also is rather sadistic and likes to occasionally tease his students, much to both Dino's and Tsuna's dismay. He did, however, admit to have snapped when Timoteo was revealed to be in Gola Mosca during the Varia Arc, and was also shown to be enraged when he could only helplessly watch as Tsuna was being beaten up by Demon Spade

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Reborn's costumes: Reborn likes to wear different costumes for spying purposes.
  • Leon: A shape-shifting chameleon and Reborn's main Weapon, it is also his partner. Though not always seen in battle, he is so strong that he can handle Tsuna and his Guardians without any trouble. Reborn regularly uses Leon's transformation ability as props for his many costumes.
    • Gun: Reborn uses this to either shoot someone or somebody. He also uses this to shoot Tsuna with the Dying Will Bullet or the Criticism Shot.
      • Chaos Shot: While conducting his own Trial, Reborn with his partner Leon fires a set of Sun Flames that numbs all the body's organs and nearly shuts them down making the body act as if it were dead. It acts as a homing missile and can even split into two or more Chaos Shots at will.
    • Reverse One Ton Mallet: Although only shown in the anime for comedic purposes, in the manga, the One Ton Mallet has an ability that only Reborn can use. At will, Reborn can lift and swing this weapon around as if it were as light as a feather and if Reborn hits someone with it, their Dying Will Flames would be extinguished. It can also be used as a normal weapon. In the anime, Leon uses his shapeshifting abilities to become the mallet, but in the manga, the mallet is a separate entity.
  • Enhanced Strength

Trivia Edit

Leon Chameleon

Reborn's old chameleon

  • In the anime, Reborn's usual gun when Leon transforms is the CZ75 1ST.
  • Reborn can fire a bullet with accuracy within 0.05 seconds.
  • He had at least 4 girlfriends and the most recent one is Bianchi.
  • Reborn, along with Colonnello, often sleeps with his eyes open, as does his pet chameleon, Leon.
  • Reborn, before becoming an Arcobaleno, had a pet chameleon.[3]
  • In the most recent poll, Reborn ranked 13th in popularity and 3rd in strength.
  • He calls Dino and Tsuna his "No Good Students."
  • Reborn has a master's degree in mathematics.
  • Reborn's favorite drink is coffee espresso.[1]
  • Reborn's favorite food is vongole fettuccine and the food maman makes.[1]
  • Hobbies are napping,  tutoring Tsuna, and weapons maintanence.[1]
  • Reborn stars in his own interview, "Mr. Rebboku's Ciao Ciao Interview" on 3 special DVD sets.
  • Reborn is a member of the Italian bird society.
  • Reborn states that he can read minds. He is also shown to know what Tsuna and Lal are thinking about.
  • Reborn is a world-renowned interpreter in both insect and animal languages as he has various insects for henchmen.
  • Infant Reborn's seiyu, Neeko, currently hosts the third installment of Katekyo Hitman Reborn's ReboRaji Internet radio show.
  • Sometimes, Reborn's shadow is in the shape of his original adult form, such as when he first shows up to train Dino and when he trained Yamamoto during the Future Arc.
  • Reborn has really high "mafia hide-and-seek" rankings.
  • Of all the members of the Arcobaleno, Reborn is the only one known whose voice was changed to be an infantile voice since being cursed.
  • In the Filipino version of Reborn!, Ciaossu was changed to "Ciao Ciao."
  • In the manga, Reborn is 1 year old and his birthday is 1 day before Tsuna's.
  • He is both the very first character to appear at the start of the series as well as the last character shown towards the finale.
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