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Rebo to Dlive is an art book containing illustrations by Akira Amano. It contains color spreads and illustrations of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, as well as character designs from Psycho Pass, ēlDLIVE, Nemuri Netarō Awararu!!, and Warashibe Tantei - Numa Shichiro. It was released on May 30, 2014.

An animated adaptation of the 24-hour clock illustrations was created for the Amano Akira exhibition in 2016. 

Contents Edit

  • A 24-hour clock that depicts Reborn!, ēlDLIVE, and a few of Warashibe Tantei - Numa Shichiro.
  • KHR! Clean Manga Spreads
  • Warashibe Tantei - Numa Shichiro Gallery
  • Nemuri Netarō Awararu!! Gallery
  • ēlDLIVE Gallery
  • Character Scenes
  • 24 Hour Sketches
  • More KHR! Clean Manga Spreads
  • More ēlDLIVE
  • More Warashibe Tantei - Numa Shichiro
  • More Nemuri Netarō Awararu!!
  • Psycho-Pass Gallery
  • KHR! Scene and Game Design
  • Monster Tamer Tsuna! Comic
  • Final Pictures featuring KHR! and ēlDLIVE

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