Real 6 Funeral Wreaths is the 228th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Byakuran has just revealed that the Funeral Wreaths that the Vongola had eliminated were fakes and that he had a hidden group of elite Millefiore members, the Real Six Funeral Wreaths. Byakuran says that the Real Six Funeral Wreaths are the holders of the real Mare Rings. Shoichi Irie is very shocked to learn that there were actually people in the Millefiore that he didn't know. Byakuran goes on to tell that he was looking for people with strong resolutions and goes on to show the Storm Funeral Wreath's resolution as an example. The viewscreen promptly shows the Storm Funeral Wreath's resolution as destroying his village by setting off a volcano and then taking a bath in the lava. Byakuran tells them that the Real Six Funeral Wreaths have 5000 subordinates and another 100 A-ranked soldiers. Irie asks Byakuran what he was planning for the match, and Byakuran replies that he is going to make "Choice" real. Byakuran confirms that he will not be moving for ten days and moves the Flame Ring Teleportation System, causing a tremendous explosion. Luckily, Ryohei had arrived from their time with the Sun Vongola Ring, and with the Vongola Rings united, a force field had been created that had protected them and the White Round Time Machine. Kusakabe is worried about the upcoming fight with the Millefiore and Spanner says that they are in a battle with no strategy. However, Yamamoto is confident about winning and Irie gives the Vongola Guardians hope against the Funeral Wreaths, the Vongola Box Weapons.

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