Real is the 227th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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An explosion occurs, as the Varia's members look on. Levi A Than comments in relief that Xanxus was firing his gun. Squalo smirks and states that it's been a while since Xanxus has fought seriously. Bel complains about the fight being over already, to which Fran states that dealing with all the other enemies caused them to miss the show. At where Xanxus is, Lussuria exclaims to Xanxus that he overdid it.

At the Merone Base, Reborn receives news that Xanxus was able to defeat his opponents. Shoichi states that the Millefiore could easily replace a general, to which Reborn replies that the enemies have already begun to retreat. Tsuna thinks with relief that only Byakuran is left to be defeated. Suddenly, both at the battle site in Italy and at the Merone Base, a hologram of Byakuran appears, and he states that the Vongola and the Varia have been entertaining. Byakuran then reveals to Shoichi that he already knew that he had been betrayed. He then states that the Vongola Famiglia and the Millefiore should have a battle, with the Tri-ni-sette at stake. Shoichi asks Byakuran to reconsider, stating that he has lost 5 of the 7 Mare Rings. Byakuran then revealed that those rings were fake, breaking them. Byakuran reveals that he has secretly made a group of people that bear the real Mare Rings, the real Six Funeral Wreaths.

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