Rasiel, also called Jill, is Belphegor's older twin brother and possesses the Fake Storm Mare Ring.

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He has blond hair that is longer than his younger brother's, and instead of using Storm Boots like Nosaru and Tazaru, he uses a Storm Throne to fly. He has a crescent-shaped birthmark on the left side of his stomach[1][2] which mirrors Belphegor's and his tiara also mirrors Bel's (Rasiel wears his tiara on the right side of his head whereas in Bel's case, it's worn on the left). Rasiel also wears black nail polish. As a child, Rasiel looked completely identical to Belphegor, save for a black shirt that distinguished him from Belphegor's white.

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Similar to Bel, Rasiel is violent and sadistic. He apparently feels superior to Belphegor and gloats over the fact that he, not Bel, is considered the true heir to the throne of their kingdom.

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Rasiel was born into the royal family of an unknown country. He and Belphegor fought constantly as children, but he always won; so, to beat him, Belphegor put laxatives in Rasiel's food to incapacitate him; on the other hand, Rasiel fed his brother with worm-ridden mud. When the twins were eight years old, Belphegor tried to kill him, but he survived and was eventually found by Byakuran.

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Future Arc Edit

Originally thought to have been killed by Belphegor, Rasiel reveals himself as the one responsible for the Millefiore defense in Italy. He can unleash Bats from his Box Weapon which can emit invisible Storm Flames that harm his enemies. His personality is very similar to Belphegor's. He states that he is a king rather than a prince. He is accompanied by his Family's former butler, Olgert, who claims to only follow the one who would be king and can unleash a Rain Pelican and Heavy Rain Elephants from multiple Box Weapons.

Rasiel Being Petrified

Rasiel being destroyed by Bester's ability

Rasiel and Belphegor start their battle, but Belphegor is forced to fake his death with the help of Fran. After the battle, Rasiel confronts Xanxus, but is overwhelmed by his Box Weapon, Ligre Tempesta di Cielo. Before Rasiel and Olgert are destroyed by Bester's roar, he attempts to make a deal with Xanxus: Xanxus can become the Boss of the Vongola if he sides with the Millefiore. Xanxus refuses.

It has been revealed that Byakuran gave Rasiel a Fake Mare Ring and that he is not one of the Real Six Funeral Wreaths.

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Olgert Edit

He was accompanied by his Family's former butler, Olgert, who was loyal to Rasiel and claimed to only follow the one who would be king. At this point, it seems that Olgert could unleash a Rain Pelican and three Rain Elephants from multiple Boxes. He had a Rain Attribute Flame and used Rain Boots to fly alongside Rasiel. Rasiel showed no grief at Olgert's death.

Belphegor Edit

Rasiel and Belphegor have had a horrible relationship from their birth. According to a flashback of their childhood, they threw stones, boulders and knives at each other; Bel poisoned Rasiel with laxatives and Rasiel force-fed Bel some soil with worms in it. The hostility escalated increasingly over the years until Belphegor eventually attempted to murder Rasiel when they were 8. Rasiel doesn't care for his little brother's well-being at all, a feeling which is mirrored in Belphegor. When Rasiel reveals himself to Belphegor, their twenty year old rivalry and hatred surfaces immediately, showing that even after two decades and one's purported death, they still cannot get along. Rasiel seems to feel superior to Belphegor and likes to point out that he outsmarts Belphegor in every way, making him a king instead of a prince.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Throne - A Throne suspended in air by Storm Flames.
  • Pipistrello Tempesta - Rasiel uses these to emit sonic waves against his opponent, that enters their head from the ears and kills them.
  • Knives - Rasiel is also known to use knives like his twin brother, since he was a kid.

Trivia Edit

  • He thinks very highly of himself and says "ore-sama" when referring to himself, which translates to "my honorable self."
  • He has a similar laugh to Belphegor; however, instead of "ushishi", Belphegor's laugh, it sounds like "usheshe."
  • Rasiel and his twin brother Belphegor share the habit of saying "Kaching" when angry or annoyed with someone. Bel says it to Fran when the latter throws away Bel's knives, and Rasiel says it to Xanxus during their fight; however, they seem to be unaware of this shared trait.

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