The Rainbow Wristwatches are the watches used in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow by each Arcobaleno team. The watch appearance varies, though each watch has the name of the represented Arcobaleno. The watches are set to show the start and finish times of the battle royale between the Arcobaleno representatives one minute before the battle starts. There are 3 types of watches:

  • The Arcobaleno watch, which the Arcobaleno wears.
  • The Boss watch, which the representative boss wears.
  • The Battler watch, which the other representatives wear.

Additionally, the Arcobaleno Rainbow Wristwatches have the ability to temporarily cancel the wearer's curse at the request of the Arcobaleno. By calling out "Present, please." The Arcobaleno Curse will be lifted, allowing the Arcobaleno to fight within a time limit of three minutes; additionally, while the feature may be used every day of battle, the time limit will remain the same. However, while their curse is released, the Arcobaleno cannot make use of their Arcobaleno Pacifiers.

Checker Face has the ability to speak through and project images from the Rainbow Wristwatches to the Arcobaleno and their representatives.

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