REBORN Colore! is the first artbook of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series created by Akira Amano, released on 7 June 2010. The artbook contains some never-before-seen illustrations and the double-spreads and colored pages of the published manga volumes.

Its cover is double-scored, with a transparent cover and another illustration on the actual cover that shows Tsunayoshi Sawada, Kyoya Hibari, Xanxus, Mukuro Rokudo, Dino, and Byakuran, in both mafioso and casual clothes.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The arts are arranged into eleven categories:

  • MAFIA Colore!
  • BATTLE Colore!
  • 6BOSS+REBORN Imagine!
  • TSUNA VS XX Imagine!
  • FLAME Colore!
  • BOX Colore!
  • SCHOOL Colore!
  • GAME Colore!
  • MY ROOM Imagine!
  • PRIVATE Colore!

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MY ROOM Imagine![edit | edit source]

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