Proposal is the 352nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna expresses his surprise at Reborn's request. Reborn then explains the dream he had along with all the other Arcobaleno. He then names the man who gathered them, the man with the iron hat. He then shows a flashback of his dream, when the man with the iron hat asked them if they wanted to dispel the Arcobaleno curse, to which everyone except Reborn agrees. Reborn, however, states that he wasn't going to trust him. The man with the iron hat then reveals that he was going to remove one Arcobaleno, and that person would return to their normal body and live a normal life. The man states that he would remove the Arcobaleno that would contribute the most to the Arcobaleno.

Viper, Verde, and Colonnello protest, but the man with the iron hat interrupts, saying that the one chosen will be the strongest Arcobaleno. The Arcobaleno express their confusion and surprise, but the man states the only rule for the battle between them would be that they each had to choose a representative to fight for them. However, Reborn calmly denies it, saying that he was untrustworthy. Angered, the man with the iron hat prepares to leave. However, all the Arcobaleno reconsider, desperate, agree to the battle, except Reborn. Because of the unanimous agreement, Reborn then reluctantly agrees.

Skull then frantically asks the man with the iron hat how he was going to find someone to fight for him, saying that he was unpopular and no one would fight for him, but the man with the iron hat reveals with a smirk that he prepared "emergency options". Reborn's explanation then ends, with Tsuna and Dino agreeing to fight for Reborn. Reborn then happily prepares to walk out of the room. Reborn stops, and reveals to Tsuna and Dino the Arcobaleno's forms were changed, that they were originally adults, and that the real him is "super cool".

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