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|Previous Chapter = [[A Dare of Courage]]
|Previous Chapter = [[A Dare of Courage]]
|Next Chapter = [[Raid]]
|Next Chapter = [[Raid]]
}}'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is the 61st chapter of [[Akira Amano|Akira Amano's]] [[Katekyō Hitman Reborn!]]
}}'''Promotion''' is the 61st chapter of [[Akira Amano|Akira Amano's]] [[Katekyō Hitman Reborn!]]

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Template:Chapter InfoboxPromotion is the 61st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Gokudera is walking through Namimori and notices some people following him. He leads them to an alley and easily beats them up. Gokudera grabs one of the men and begins to interrogate him on who sent them when Dino arrives, revealing that he was the one who sent them. Gokudera is irritated, but Dino leads him back to his place and informs him about a promotion. According to Dino, the Ninth went against regulations to promote Gokudera into a Vongola admin, giving him two casinos and 80 subordinates. Gokudera is overjoyed and goes to tell Tsuna when Dino tells him that he should start packing to return to Italy the next day, surprising Gokudera. Dino tells Gokudera that he would be helping the Ninth. Gokudera angrily declines the job but stops when Dino tells him that all he would do would be for Tsuna's well-being in the future.

After talking to Dino, Gokudera heads to Reborn's hideout in Namimori Middle School. Gokudera informs Reborn of what happened. Reborn tells Gokudera that Tsuna doesn't really need him and to go. Gokudera tries to argue but Reborn suggests that if Tsuna asks him to do something for him, he should stay, and if not, he should go to Italy. Gokudera agrees and goes to Tsuna's house.

Tsuna is surprised to see Gokudera all worked up in the front of his house and tells him to come in. The two heads to Tsuna's room and Tsuna talks about not finishing his homework yet. Gokudera sees this as an opportunity and hopes that Tsuna would ask him to do it but ends up surprised when Tsuna refuses to do it yet. Just then, Tsuna spots a cockroach and Gokudera pulls out his dynamites, ready to help Tsuna if he asks. However, Tsuna goes to the door and tells his mother about it, much to Gokudera's dismay. Just then, Nana asks Tsuna to help her move the coach. Tsuna begins to complain and asks Lambo and I-Pin to do it, surprising Gokudera. Lambo and I-Pin fight each other and Tsuna goes to break them up, leaving Gokudera with Reborn.

Reborn asks Gokudera if he is going to give up but Gokudera refuses and goes to help Tsuna. Lambo is throwing his Hand Grenades at I-Pin and accidentally causes the lamp post to begin to fall on Tsuna. Gokudera pushes Tsuna out of the way but accidentally pushes him face first into a wall. Gokudera and Tsuna head upstairs where Gokudera informs Tsuna about his promotion. Tsuna is excited and overjoyed by the news and starts to immediately plan a farewell party, causing Gokudera to think that he is lucky to be his subordinate and decides to head to Italy.

That night after leaving Tsuna's house, Gokudera begins to head home to pack. However, he forgot his lighter and heads back. Tsuna and Reborn are talking about Gokudera. Tsuna is relieved to have him going since he always scaring him and causing trouble. Tsuna thinks that Gokudera only respects him as the Vongola Boss, not as a friend. Tsuna begins recounting the summer festival with Yamamoto and Gokudera and from a friend's point of view, is saddened that Gokudera is leaving. Gokudera overhears this conversation and begins to cry.

The next day, Yamamoto arrives at the airport, carrying his luggage, thinking that Dino is going to bring him to Italy. When Dino asks him about Gokudera, Yamamoto tells him that he is not coming. Reborn then arrives and thinks that it's good that Dino is not going to do his cold-blooded assassination mission. Dino is relieved and explains that the Ninth wanted to test Gokudera and ordered him killed if he came but Dino tells them that he is planning to hide Gokudera overseas if he did show up.

While Gokudera arrives at Tsuna's house and causes more trouble, Yamamoto is enjoying his holiday in Italy.


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