Prince the Ripper is the 100th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Kyoko and Haru burst through Lambo's medical room's door, frantically asking Tsuna's mother if Lambo was alright, who replies that he stabilized. Tsuna's mother then remembers when Tsuna, Gokudera, Ryohei, and Yamamoto brought Lambo to the hospital, presenting her with a note from Tsuna's father telling her to help Tsuna out without any questions.

At Tsuna's training, they move on to the third stage, where Reborn states to him that it was "passing the zero point of Dying Will", using a move that can freeze Dying Will Flames. Reborn then announces that to learn to control the Hyper Dying Will Mode, both Tsuna and Basil should go into it and have a spar.

At Namimori Junior High, Gokudera finishes folding paper airplanes, but Doctor Shamal simply replies that he didn't have to. Doctor Shamal then informs Gokudera that he had to use his brain to hit all of the paper airplanes, and that the pieces of paper were for writing. Shamal also grimly informs Gokudera that only people who depend on themselves to think about how to live will survive, and that his friends who believed everything they were told were killed as a result. Doctor Shamal also tells Gokudera that if he doesn't complete the move, he wouldn't allow Gokudera to attend the battle, because Belphegor was the number one genius in the Varia. Belphegor is then shown killing a criminal, prompting Mammon to comment that it was a bit cruel. Another criminal then comes out, Belphegor once again cutting him down.

Tsuna, Reborn, and Basil are then seen walking to Namimori for Gokudera's battle, Reborn informing them that Belphegor was known as "Prince the Ripper" as he has royal blood, all the while loving to rip people apart, and because of his incredible battle sense, he voluntarily joined the Varia. At Namimori, Gokudera is about to be disqualified because of tardiness, but as soon as the clock strikes twelve, Gokudera blows up the wall and bursts in.

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