The Primo Family Arc (I世ファミリー編, Purīmo Famirī-hen?)[1] is an anime-exclusive arc that details the happenings when Tsuna and his Family that went to the future travel back to the past (except Basil) to get stronger with the help of the Arcobaleno and obtain the Vongola's true power. In the past, the Arcobaleno, with the help of Uni, summon the First Generation Vongola Famiglia led by the Vongola Primo, where they will then help the current Vongola Generation prove themselves worthy of inheriting the legacy of the Vongola.

The Trial[edit | edit source]

Trial #1: Ugetsu Asari's Test of Vongola Decimo's Rain Guardian's Resolve[edit | edit source]

When Tsuna and the others were talking about the First Vongola Trials on the way home, Ugetsu Asari revealed himself before them and announced that he will start the Trial of the Rain Guardian for Yamamoto at Namimori Shrine at the time of the dog (8:00 PM). At night, Yamamoto trains and still thinks about the loss at the Choice battle. Colonnello appeared and asked if he had something on his mind. Yamamoto then replied that because of his easy-going nature, he feels he made a big mess for everyone and that this was his chance to make amends.

Yamamoto fighting Ugetsu Asari

Colonnello told him that he could end up dragging himself down if his resolve is too firm. He then went to Namimori Shrine with the others waiting for him. Ugetsu appears and takes out his short swords which makes Yamamoto think it was a battle and he takes out his Cambio Forma, much to Ugetsu Asari's surprise. Yamamoto attacks him aggressively with Battering Rain, which was easily dodged by Ugetsu and then with Last Minute Rain, which was also easily countered by him. Yamamoto becomes more aggressive, which makes Tsuna think that Yamamoto seems different from his usual self. Ugetsu then unleashes Frozen Rain, surprising Yamamoto and the others. Tsuna starts to get worried and Ugetsu notices this and mentions to Yamamoto that his boss was worried about him.

Colonnello tries to stop Yamamoto

However, Yamamoto misunderstood this and wanted to finish his battle quickly. Ugetsu, having no choice, then unleashed Kuzuryuu Riverfall. Yamamoto manages to counter it with Blowing Rain but takes damage nevertheless. Yamamoto, still blaming himself, decided in his heart he won't make the same mistake again and he was going to stop being easygoing. Ugetsu used Kuzuryuu Riverfall again, but this time Yamamoto was able to dodge it and aim for Ugetsu's back but was stopped by Colonnello even though the attack nearly hit him. Even though Yamamoto won, Ugetsu announces that he had failed, saying he cannot allow him to inherit his power as the Guardian of Rain at Yamamoto's current state, much to Yamamoto's dismay. When Tsuna asked why he told Tsuna that he already knew the answer.

Ugetsu gave him a second chance but reminded him that if he fails again there wouldn't be another chance. The next day, Yamamoto becomes very down and comes later than usual to school. While everyone was getting settled, the teacher introduced a transfer student who was actually Uni, much to Tsuna and the rest's surprise. Reborn simply stated that she transferred because she was Tsuna's tutor. Later, Tsuna, Gokudera and Ryohei discuss Yamamoto's failure and tried to figure out why he failed. Meanwhile, Kyoko , Haru , I-Pin , and Bianchi were on the way to Kokuyo Land to deliver rice balls for Chrome Dokuro. When I-Pin stated that she was their friend, Bianchi wondered when they became friends. When they arrive, they couldn't find Chrome until Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto appeared behind them asking who they were and what they wanted. When Haru answered that they just wanted to give Chrome rice balls, he said that she was not here and that Chrome had been missing since the day she came back from the past. At night, Yamamoto, still training, thinks about his last test. His father then arrives, gives him a bento, and asks Yamamoto to take a break. He states that he's was worried about Yamamoto's recent behavior.

Takeshi Yamamoto obtaining Ugetsu Asari's Power

Before leaving, he said to Yamamoto to do what he wanted to do. After he left, Colonnello comes. Yamamoto apologized about the day before. Colonnello asked him if he knew the reason why he stopped him. When Yamamoto asked why Colonnello replied that he must find out for himself and leaves for Namimori Shrine. When Yamamoto comes to Namimori Shrine, Ugetsu appeared again and fought with Yamamoto once more. However, this time, Yamamoto didn't have the intent to defeat him. Ugetsu said that that was enough to prove him worthy to inherit his power to protect Tsuna. It is revealed that he purposely created an opening for Yamamoto to attack to see if Yamamoto would betray his own heart and strike for the kill. Because Yamamoto pulled back at the last moment, he passed the first test and gained power in his Vongola Box Weapon, the Cambio Forma. At the end of the test, Ugetsu and G. were at the rooftop, and G gruffly states that to Ugetsu that he was still as soft-hearted as ever.

Trial #2: Lampow's Test of Vongola Decimo's Lightning Guardian's Resolve[edit | edit source]

Lampow during the Inheritance Test

During Lambo's test, Lampow hid inside a castle inside the amusement park and the only objective was for Lambo to acquire three stamps and go to him. This shows his obvious distaste for Lambo and how he's too lazy to put on an effort to do his duty, proven from the fact that he had not prepared beforehand, as stated by Reborn.

Lambo obtaining Lampow's Power

However, Verde 's interference made this a more difficult task, as he had shocked Lambo with an electrical charge and sent robots after them. When Lambo, along with Tsuna, eventually reaches the castle, Lampow rejects Lambo at first because the required stamp was on Lambo's butt and not on the paper, but then agrees to accept Lambo on the grounds that Lambo had fulfilled his role as the Guardian of Lightning by acting as a lightning rod for the entire Familia and taken the damage onto himself and demonstrating his fierce lightning bolts. After the explosion in the castle caused by Lambo reviving and randomly tossing his grenades, Lampow reappears on the roof of the castle and declares that he "still hates brats."

Trial #3: G's Test of Vongola Decimo's Storm Guardian's Resolve[edit | edit source]

G (disguised as Gokudera) preventing Skull from hitting Tsuna

During Gokudera's trial, while he was searching for Uri, who supposedly escaped into the bushes after Gokudera released her, sat beside Fon, who stalled Gokudera while G went to school disguised as Gokudera. G acts as Tsuna's right-hand man until after school. Gokudera then appears in front of G and Tsuna along with Uri and Fon. G asked Tsuna how his performance as his right-hand man to which Tsuna answered that he was helpful and reliable. G comments that Gokudera, who claims to be Tsuna's right-hand man, does the contrary and creates more trouble for Tsuna instead of helping him. G asked Gokudera to return the Vongola Storm Ring to Tsuna and return to Italy. Tsuna, upon hearing this, objects and says that Gokudera is an important friend and doesn't care about stuff like being his Guardian or right-hand man.

Hayato Gokudera obtaining G's Power

G asked him if Tsuna was okay for Gokudera to be the Guardian of the Vongola Storm Ring even if he isn't the perfect right-hand man. Tsuna said that it doesn't matter. Gokudera then states that he vows to protect Tsuna even if he does not get the inheritance. Fon then asked if that was enough and if he could understand how strong their bond was. Tsuna asked what was going on and Fon explained that G wanted to see if his bond with Gokudera is unbreakable as that was the test. G said that one cannot serve as a right-hand man if the boss doesn't completely trust him but if their bond is firm, they could face any enemy that may come. Gokudera receives the inheritance and successfully completes the trial. After the test, Gokudera is happy that Tsuna finally accepts him to be his right-hand man (in truth, Tsuna actually just said that Gokudera was his important friend).

Trials #4 and #5: Alaudi and Knuckle's Test of Vongola Decimo's Cloud and Sun Guardian's Resolve[edit | edit source]

Hibari losing interest in the trial.

After Yamamoto, Lambo, and Gokudera had taken their trials, Alaudi appears to give Hibari his trial. Hibari says he's been waiting and prepares to fight. Alaudi, however, tells Hibari that he has no interest in fighting Hibari as he is too weak. Upon hearing this, Hibari loses interest in taking the Trial and walks away. Alaudi tells Hibari that he shall deem him worthy of his Inheritance if he demonstrates his value as the Cloud Guardian. He lets Hibari choose the method to prove himself, but warns him that he only has until the end of the day and disappears.

Skull arrives in his airship.

Skull overhears the conversation and tells Reborn. Tsuna and the rest try to persuade Hibari to take the trial, but he refuses. Reborn tricks Skull into taking action. Ryohei then tries to persuade Hibari and ends up annoying Hibari with his persistence, and the two prepare to fight. Skull arrives via an airship and interrupts the fight, threatening Hibari with his airship's cannons, stating that if he refuses to take the test he'll fire. Hibari manages to annoy Skull into firing. Ryohei and Hibari are able to fend off the missiles until Hibari uses his Vongola Cloud Hedgehog to pierce the airship. With the ship losing its balance and control, it hurled towards the school.

Even with the Airship out of control, Skull launches more attacks towards Hibari and Ryohei. Hibari defends anyone against the attacks, while Ryohei strikes the Airship with his Maximum Cannon, utterly destroying it. Skull manages to escape via a small airplane, and still pissed off at Hibari, launches more attacks, one of them heads towards Kyoko and Haru, but were saved by Hibari's Vongola Cloud Hedgehog. Hibari extremely pissed off, attacks Skull and sends him flying.

Ryohei and Hibari being deemed worthy by Knuckle and Alaudi.

After the commotion had died down, the entire group meet downstairs, where Ryohei is adamant to persuade Hibari. Hibari responds that it is no longer necessary and that he doesn't like to leave his debts unpaid, much to the relief of everyone present. At that moment a sun flame appears, and Knuckle shows up and announces that Ryohei had already passed the inheritance test. As everyone was confused, Knuckle explains that Ryohei had managed to convince Hibari to take the succession test (something no one else managed to do) and stood against adversity without any fear, and therefore was worthy of his inheritance, he also mentioned that Ryohei didn't need Knuckle to tell him that he would be watched at all times. As Ryohei celebrates, another flame appears, revealing Alaudi, and he declares that Hibari too, has passed the test.

A Distraught Chrome

He explains that Hibari was able to refrain from socializing with the other Guardians but at the same time adapt to the situation and protect those that needed protection (Kyoko and Haru). Both Alaudi and Knuckle bequeath their inheritances to Hibari and Ryohei at the same time. Their celebration was cut short, however, when Kyoko and Haru informed that Chrome hasn't come back to Kokuyo Land. Back at Kokuyo Land, Chrome suddenly returns crying, much to the shock of Ken and Chikusa. At Tsuna's house, Ryohei, Gokudera, Yamamoto and Tsuna, along with Colonnello, Fon and Reborn talk about their success so far, and the test to come, but outside their house, Demon Spade was watching, and states that Tsuna is still unfit to unite the Vongola Famiglia, just like how Primo once was, and disappears. 

Trial #6 and #7: Demon Spade and Giotto's Test of Vongola Decimo and his Mist Guardian's Resolve[edit | edit source]

Giotto and his Guardians discussing about Mist Guardian Trial.

The First Generation Guardians meet at the Namimori Shrine to discuss the progress made so far. Ugetsu states that the next trial will be for the Mist Guardian. The others look a bit worried at this, even questioning if things will be okay. G states that he hasn't forgiven Demon. Giotto arrives, and he also looks a bit worried. He just checks his watch before standing up to meet with the rest of his Guardians.

The girls Comforting Chrome

Tsuna and his friends make their way to Kokuyo Land to look for Chrome. On their way there, they run into Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto, who tells them that ever since Chrome returned last night, she hasn't been acting normally. This makes Haru and Kyoko worried, and they hurry towards Kokuyo Land. Upon arriving, they find a depressed Chrome Dokuro, who declares that she's too scared to fight. Kyoko and Haru ask the boys to leave, requesting to let them handle it.

Reborn meets the rest of the Arcobaleno to discuss this turn of events, and after a short discussion, Reborn starts to think that Demon Spade might have been involved with Chrome's sudden strange behavior. Tsuna, back at home, ponders over what could have happened to Chrome, before a bored Lambo asks Tsuna to play with him. Reborn suggests going back to Kokuyo Land, as he too was worried about the girls.

Demon Spade appearing before the Guardians

The rest of the Guardians (excluding Hibari) plus their tutors wait at Kokuyo Land for Tsuna. When they make their way inside, Haru and Kyoko hear Lambo's voice, and decide to go out to meet them, before some footsteps (which turned out to be from Demon) get all of them worried. Suddenly, Mist Flames cover the entire building at Kokuyo Land, making the guys worried. Ryohei decides to charge in, but he charges right back out. He decides to try again before Reborn stopped him, stating that this was an Illusion created by Demon and it's impossible to get into the building. Chrome appears on the rooftop of Kokuyo Land and states that she doesn't approve of the rest of the Guardians. The rest of the Guardians start questioning her until Tsuna stops them and says that that wasn't Chrome.

Demon says that Tsuna at least possesses the Vongola Hyper Intuition, and shows his true self. Tsuna asked Demon why he was doing all this, to which he once again replied that he disapproves of both the current Vongola Guardians and Tsuna.

Giotto and his Guardians watching Demon's trial from afar

It's revealed that he controlled Chrome to draw out Kyoko and the other girls so he can force Tsuna and the rest to submit to his will. He goes on to say that Tsuna and the others must become the ideal heirs to the Vongola tradition in order to save the girls. His version of the Vongola is unparalleled strength and ruthlessness, enough in order to defeat any enemy, a heavy contradiction to the views of the other first-generation guardians. Not far from the building, Giotto and the other Guardians were watching from afar and commented that Demon had gone too far. Ugetsu suggested stopping him, but Giotto just told them to wait and watch since this is also part of the trial.

Tsuna and Gokudera start fighting their shadow self

The battle starts, and Demon opens the path for the guardians to enter the building, but goes as far as to make the entire building disappear to prevent any intervention. The group gets separated, with Gokudera manages to stay with Tsuna, and Ryohei manages to stay with Lambo, but Yamamoto is all alone. As all of them were surveying their new surroundings, a clone of all of them appears and starts battling them. Demon leaves openings in his attacks that can only be exploited if the guardians either cheat or sacrifice something. He tries to get them to win at any cost, in order to mold them into the type of people he desires them to be, but the 10th Generation guardians hold firm on their beliefs, and battle on.

However, the Arcobaleno gathered, and with the help of Skull (who stole Hibari's armband upon the orders of Reborn) manages to get Hibari into the building. He then proceeds to rampage through the illusions, destroying all the illusions, and unintentionally freeing the Guardians from Demon Spade's illusional battles in an attempt to attack Skull and take back his armband.

After the Illusions were destroyed, Tsuna's Family was in the theater room, where Demon instructed them to go. Demon refuses to accept Tsuna's resolve and engages in combat with Tsuna. However Tsuna does not attack, only defending himself and tells Demon that he only fights to protect his friends.

Chrome's Inheritance

It is revealed that Demon was also a Guardian of the Vongola Secondo, showing his strong devotion to the Vongola and states he cannot entrusts Vongola to a foolish boy. Gokudera then tries to back up Tsuna but Reborn interferes, telling him that this is his Boss' battle. Tsuna tries to attack Demon with low power of X-Burner but Demon caught him in an illusion. Demon confuses Tsuna and accidentally shot his X Burner in the direction of the girls. But the attack was stopped by Mukuro Rokudo possessing Chrome's body, Mukuro was only able to stop the attack due Tsuna lowering his attack power. Demon tries to trap Tsuna in another illusion but Mukuro prevents it and Tsuna fires a full power X Burner at Demon and seemingly killed him.

Tsuna's Inheritance

Tsuna says he is still nearby, Reborn agrees, saying Demon didn't have a body to begin with since it's only the will of the rings. Demon appears and tells Tsuna he does not intend to fight any longer as he realizes that he could not change Tsuna's mind. He instead, turns to Mukuro and wishes to ask him a question whom he referred to as the Mist Guardian. Mukuro responds to him that he despises to be addressed by that since he earns the title unwillingly. Mukuro continues saying that Tsuna is merely his target and that he will destroy the Mafia and control the world.

The 1st Generation Guardians return to the Vongola rings

Demon comments that Mukuro is better than the other guardians but he doesn't understand why he protected the girls. Mukuro answers that he only protected them because they are important to Chrome and he personally doesn't really care about them. Satisfied with the answer, Demon decides to deem him worthy of his inheritance but Mukuro says he isn't interested in the inheritance. He entrusts Tsuna with Chrome and changes back. Primo appears and says Demon did a good job before he gave his inheritance to Chrome. Primo then says that Tsuna has passed his test by staying true to his friends and guardians even after getting caught in Demon Spade's trap and grants him his inheritance. Shortly, elsewhere, Giotto once again met Demon and commented that he still kept the pocket watch that contain the vow of eternal friendship that they all share and he stated that he has not changed his mind, which Demon commented that Giotto is a forever fool and that's why he is disappointed him in the end, bidding Giotto farewell before going back to the Vongola ring, followed by the rest of the 1st generation Vongola guardians and Primo who also return into their rings. The next morning, Tsuna and his Guardians, Reborn, and Uni gather at Namimori Shrine to return to the future, ready to fight Byakuran for the last time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There're some canons and spoilers in this arc:
    • The history behind Demon Spade's betrayal prior to its first revelation in the manga Chapter 318.
    • Appearance of the golden pocket watches that were possessed by Giotto and his guardians that didn't appear in the original manga prior to its first appearance in Chapter 344.

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