Present is the 361st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Poll introduction comic.

6 minutes and 50 seconds of the battle remain. The three tenth generation Vongola Guardians ask Hibari, surprised, who was sitting atop his head. Fon introduces himself as the Storm Arcobaleno, and that Hibari "graciously" accepted to become his representative. Hibari announces that since they were Reborn's representatives, they were his enemies. He then swings out his tonfas' double chains, but the 3 other Vongola Guardians duck and dodge. Hibari and Gokudera have a tense conversation about Hibari's allegiance, but Hibari merely replies that he simply didn't like crowds.

Ryohei is angered at this and calls out Kangaryuu (Version X), entering Cambio Forma Version X. Gokudera attempts to call out to Ryohei, stating that Tsuna wouldn't want his Guardians to fight each other, but Hibari interrupts, calmly stating that it was just a game. Ryohei, invigorated, shouts to Hibari that he would make him take the "game" seriously and recklessly charges at him, but Hibari casually swings his tonfas and destroys Ryohei's Rainbow Wristwatch, withdrawing Ryohei's eligibility for the current battle, though Ryohei had forgotten about the wristwatch rule. Hibari then states that there was one other reason he became Fon's representative; Reborn's team was full of people he wanted to bite to death. Fon is satisfied while observing from a tree, mentally commenting that Hibari fulfilled all his standards. However, he notices 5 strong Dying Will Flames by the construction site.

At the said construction site, Superbia Squalo, Belphegor, Levi A Than, and Lussuria are ganging up on Enma in the fight. Skull tells Enma to move out of the way, but Enma reminds Skull that he was immobilized by Belphegor's wires connected to his knives, and that he couldn't join the battle, as he was an Arcobaleno. Belphegor triumphantly laughs and states that as Squalo stated, if he bound Enma's hands, he wouldn't be able to use his Gravity Manipulation techniques. Enma is defiant and attempts to use Gravita della Terra, but accidentally uses it on Skull. Levi A Than punches Enma, and angrily states to him that he was still holding a grudge over him from wrecking the Inheritance Ceremony. Lussuria, behind Levi A Than, comments to the latter that he was the only one that still held a grudge over that, also revealing that Xanxus had ordered them to not just simply break their opponents' wristwatches, but to "eliminate their opponents".

Meanwhile, Adelheid is walking past the construction site and notices smoke coming from it, also noticing that it was the same area where she felt Enma's Flame. She wonders if Enma is playing around with Skull again.

Back at the battle, Skull recalls that Wonomichi had told them that if they called out "present, please", a "present" would be given to them. In the present, Levi A Than is laughing deviously and kicks Enma. The rest of the Varia converse about using their new Varia Rings, but Squalo reminds them that the battle time was almost up. Skull frantically calls out "present, please" and the Rainbow Wristwatch removes the Arcobaleno Curse from Skull, though he drops his Arcobaleno Pacifier in the process. The Rainbow Wristwatch mechanically announces that Skull was approved to enter the battle.

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