Porcospino Nuvola, nicknamed as Roll, is a Cloud-attribute Animal-type Box Weapon owned by Kyoya Hibari.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a Cloud-attribute Box Weapon, it uses the Propagation characteristic to absorb the Flames of its choosing, and use it to either expand in size or multiply in numbers. The Porcospino Nuvola propagates all parts of its needle-covered back to use them as either weapons or foothold. It can curl over his own body to form a sphere of needles and then propel itself forwards to attack targets at a distance, as if a projectile weapon.

By feeding its box with strong Flames, it can create a strong shield that cannot be broken by normal attacks. It can also be used to swiftly creating a shield which can be used to protect either Hibari or someone else in its close proximity.[1][2] However, if too strong, Roll will become drunk on the excessive amount of Flame.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tetsuya Kusakabe refers to Roll mentally as Barinezumi, a portmanteau of Hibari and harinezumi, or hedgehog in Japanese.
  • Roll's favorite food is chikuwa.

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