Pole Knocking First Half is the 17th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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It's time for the school's Athletic Fest. All the students are happily anticipating the event and begins their preparations. The school is divided into three groups: Groups A, B and C and they boys are going to compete for the Pole Knocking event. On a sudden meeting for the A team, Ryohei Sasagawa is rallying everyone with his burning passion. As Tsuna watch Kyoko Sasagawa, Hayato comments on Ryohei being annoying. Ryohei then begins to discuss the Pole Knocking event. He resigns from being the leader and suggests that Tsuna should be the leader who will fight in the Pole Knocking event much to everyone's surprise. Ryohei, with the help of Hayato, forces the majority of the students to agree with the suggestion much to Tsuna's dismay. Reborn then arrives and tells Tsuna that he will kill him if he lose. Tsuna tries to hide him but he deflated and Tsuna realize that he was a dummy.

As Tsuna walks home with Reborn, Tsuna is still thinking about the sudden appointment and the other team's leaders who are presidents of the Karate and Sumo clubs. As the two continue to walk, they meet up with Haru Miura who congratulates him and asks him for help since she can't get down from the pole that she was practicing with. As Tsuna helps her down the pole, she informs him that she would be watching him participate. Tsuna tells her not to come and hurries to Ryohei's house to refuse the position.

As Tsuna heads for Ryohei's house, he meets up with Kyoko who manages to stop his plan of refusing. Soon after, Ryohei, Hayato, and Takeshi arrives. Tsuna is surprised to see Hayato and Takeshi, but the two informs him that they have been invited to practice for the Pole Knocking event. Tsuna is surprised to see that Reborn is the one behind the training. They head to the river side where Ryohei orders Tsuna to climb the pole and scolds him for being easy on himself. Hayato then tries to attack him for insulting him but he is stopped by Takeshi and Tsuna. Reborn agrees with Ryohei and shoots Tsuna with his Dying Will Bullet making him climb the pole. With Tsuna on the top of the pole, Ryohei and Hayato argues and begins to fight leaving Takeshi to support the pole by himself. With only Takeshi supporting the pole, the pole falls to the river.

The next day, Tsuna realizes that he has a cold and tries to inform his mother but fails when he sees that Bianchi, Lambo and Haru are also there and forces him to get dressed. Tsuna tries to head to the nurse's office to sleep but discovers that Doctor Shamal is the new nurse who only allows girls to sleep there. Tsuna thinks that his only option left is to run away. But before he could make his move, Kyoko arrives and gives him a leader's headband with his name sewn on it, forcing Tsuna to be the leader.

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