Pole Knocking (Later Half) is the 18th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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As Tsuna participates in some of the school events, he sees his friends and family cheering him on while Lambo ignores him and has mix feelings about them. He finishes last and is greeted enthusiastically by Hayato while Ryohei berates him for not giving his best causing him to enter into another fight with Hayato. As the two stop fighting, Takada arrives and intimidates Tsuna, but is knocked unconscious by Hayato and Ryohei, angering Team C.

As Hayato and Ryohei prepare to fight the whole team, a guy arrives and informs them that the leader of Team B, Oshikiri was beaten up by members of the Team A. He then points out that Reborn is the one who witnessed that event. Reborn tells everyone that Tsuna orders his members to beat up the other team leaders much to Tsuna's dismay. While Hayato and Ryohei compliment him, Tsuna realizes that Reborn was the one who attacked Oshikiri. The other teams orders Tsuna to resign but is interrupted when it's announced that the issue about the pole knocking event will be addressed during lunch time.

While Tsuna and his friends eat lunch, the other team members watches them darkly. Haru Miura confronts them but Bianchi tells her to stay back and offers the other guys some of her chocolates. The students happily accepted it but fall unconscious due to Bianchi's poison cooking angering the other team's even more. Suddenly, it is announced that teams B and C will combine making it a 2 vs. 1 event much to Tsuna's dismay. Ryohei then arrives and tells everyone that he forced the committee to make the decision because of Reborn's suggestion.

The Team B+C are talking about who would be their leader but Hibari volunteers himself, wanting to fight Tsuna in order to meet Reborn again. The event then starts, Tsuna thinking that he has no chance of winning. Tsuna is only able to defend himself while his team is having trouble reaching the other pole because of the difference in number. Tsuna almost falls but is saved by Reborn's Dying Will Bullet which allows him to jump on other people. Takeshi, Hayato and Ryohei then forms a cavalcade and runs to Hibari. However, Hayato and Ryohei begins to fight again causing Tsuna to fall. With Tsuna on the ground, Team B+C attacks him while Hayato protects him with his dynamites. As the teams scuffles, Tsuna totally forgets his cold.

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