Template:Techniques & Abilities Poison Cooking (ポイズンクッキング) is Bianchi's main combat technique. It involves a series of cooking made with poison. Though sometimes it's not Bianchi's intention to make Poison Cooking, it always results as a form of it, since everything Bianchi cooks becomes Poison Cooking.


Though it has a purplish cute appearance and isn't really used often for battle purposes (except when she attacks Future Lambo), it is very lethal, especially if it hits or is ingested. Its various kinds have different effects and always includes poison, which can either kill or severely injure. Bianchi, the only user and creator, can make any normal food or even objects into Poison Cooking, also having an attack where anything she touches become Poison Cooking.

Known Poison Cooking

Many different types of Poison Cooking are shown in the series, the used ones being:

Poison Cooking One

The first Poison Cooking shown in the series, it has the ability to poison someone if ingested.

Poison Cooking Two

An upgrade of Poison Cooking One, Poison Cooking Two is more powerful and has a greater abilty to kill.

Poison Cooking Three

The second upgrade, Poison Cooking Three, is again more powerful than the last two versions.

Three Hour Death

First seen when Tsuna was forced to pay back his debt to Yamamoto's dad, Bianchi created a sushi Poison Cooking from her love for Reborn that seemed beautiful and delicious, but instead incapitated her opponent three hours after eating and can experience severe stomach ache.

Magic Pizza Cutter

Poison Pizza Magic Cutter is a very sharp pizza dough that, when thrown in the air as when making normal pizza dough, can cut anything.

Skewering Pasta

Uncooked spaghetti that, when thrown at the enemy, is so incredibly hot and sharp that it can pierce through skin, resulting in a deadly weapon.

Large-Scale Buffet

A buffet of various poison cookings thrown at the enemy.


A small, violet cake used by Bianchi most of the time, when she is in real combat. Usually, this is the finisher used after the Large-Scale Buffet. In the future, this maybe the same type of poison cooking used against Ape with modified funtion's, turning it into Poison Cooking Smoke Bomb, which causes a poisonous gas explosion upon impact.

Sakura Mochi

A cake that can melt through metal. It was first used when Gokudera refused to let Bianchi in to help Tsuna and Yamamoto solve a math problem. It appeared again to open the gate to Kokuyo Land.

Poisonous Cobra

A poisonous cobra is thrown to bind the target, effectively immobilizing him or her.

Jellyfish Fry

Poison Cooking in the form of fried jellyfish which can dissolve an asphalt road. It was first used when Tsuna was chasing a delivery truck to get back the object on the truck.

Special Cake

When the girls baked cakes to give to the guys, Bianchi, knowing that Tsuna would want Kyoko's cake, swapped it for one of her own poisonous ones.

A more powerful verion of this is the Complete set that she was planning to feed Tsuna but as soon as she see's Lambo and mistake her for Romeo, she launches this attack at him instantly, leaving him unconcsious.


After Bianchi had announced her mission to kill Tsuna, she switched his normal obento for one of her own - the gas rising up from this alone was enough to kill birds flying directly overhead.

Wedding Cake

For her and Reborn's wedding, Bianchi specially prepared a wedding cake entirely composed of Poison Cooking.

Bug Soup

Brought to Kokuyo Land as a snack during the rescue mission of Fuuta, this was destroyed after M.M.'s attack.

Thousand Poisonous Flowers

Bianchi's ultimate move,everything she touches is turned into Poison Cooking. This was used against M.M.'s clarinet, thereby incapitating her. It also appeared on her wedding when she was completely angry and started making the reception hall into poison. In the manga, this attack is known as the "Garden of Poison Varieties."

Smoke Bomb

A modified version of Poison Cooking: Shortcake. It is usually thrown and upon Impact, it creates poisonous purple smoke, alowing one to escape and intoxicate one person at the same time.


At Gokudera's first piano recital, Bianchi made him poisonous cookies. This allowed him to play the piano haphazardly; however, the crowd loved it, causing their father to make Bianchi make Gokudera the cookies at every one of his recitals. These were seen in one of Gokudera's flashbacks and were also the reason why he faints every time he sees Bianchi, not to mention that they were the first Poison Cooking ever created by Bianchi.

Exploding Cake

A type of Poison Cooking that is set in one place, usually some place where the opponent cannot see. It is a mine type of bomb that detonates upon Bianchi's instruction.

Traditional Food

According to Gokudera, during New Year's day, Bianchi forcibly chases Gokudera around to have him test her Traditional Style Poison Cooking.

Slippery Dumplings

Used on Dr. Shamal when he tried flirting with Bianchi and ended up getting all his limbs and head stuck to the wall.


Poison was added on snowballs and used during the snowball match against Tsuna and Dino's team, succesfully rendering two of Dino's subordinates unconscious, Bono and Ivan.

Deadly Viper Ingredient

Originally, Bianchi planned to buy a sloth, but instead bought a Viper for poison cooking. It is unknown if this Viper survived or has already become Poison Cooking. According to Fuuta, Viper's poison is the 3rd most dangerous on the Poison Cooking ingredients.

Mini Pizza

During the karate club's attack on the boxing club, who were attempting to make Kyoko their manager, Bianchi aided Tsuna by throwing numerous poison cooking mini Pizzas at the karate club, leaving many karate member's smothered in her poison cooking.


When Bianchi first appeared in Reborn! attempting to assasinate Tsuna, she gives him some canned juice. Tsuna's bad reflexes came in and he dropped the juice and as he was about to catch it; he then sees purple smoke and watches in horror as he discovers it was actually poison, which was strong enough to kill a bird above him just with the smell.

Violet Poison Deeper Crimson

Bianchi's ultimate attack. It turns everything it touches into Poison Cooking. It was seen during Bianchi and Reborn's wedding when Bianchi found out that Reborn wasn't real.

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