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Poison Cooking is a combat technique created and primarily used by Bianchi. It is a form of cuisine involving exotic ingredients combined to create lethal poison.


Food created through Poison Cooking has either varying shades of purple, a dark purple smoke, small critters such as worms, or all of the above. The odor is strong enough to kill a bird from a distance.[1]

Various Poison Cooking dishes have different effects and always includes poison, which can either kill or severely injure. As Poison Cooking primarily involves food, it is not suitable for combat. The food can, however, be aimed at the face, specifically the nose and mouth.

Bianchi can make any normal food or object she touches turn into Poison Cooking.[2] Dishes made by Bianchi sometimes unintentionally results in a form of Poison Cooking.

Known Poison Cooking[]

Many different types of Poison Cooking are shown in the series, the used ones being:

Poison Cooking[]

PC One.png

The original Poison Cooking shown in the series, it has the ability to poison someone if ingested.

Poison Cooking: Two[]

Poison Cooking: Two[3] (ポイズンクッキングII(ツー), Poizun Kukkingu Tsū?) is an upgrade of Poison Cooking One, Poison Cooking Two is more powerful and has a greater ability to kill.

Poison Cooking: Three[]

Poison Cooking: Three[citation needed] is the second upgrade, Poison Cooking Three, is again more powerful than the last two versions.

Three Hour Death[]

Poison Cooking: Three Hour Death[4][5] is first seen when Tsuna was forced to pay back his debt to Yamamoto's dad, Bianchi created a sushi Poison Cooking from her love for Reborn that seemed beautiful and delicious, but instead incapacitated her opponent three hours after eating and can experience severe stomach ache.

Magic Pizza Cutter[]

Magic Cutter.png

Poison Cooking: Magic Pizza Cutter[citation needed] is a very sharp pizza dough that, when thrown in the air as when making normal pizza dough, can cut anything. To use it, Bianchi throws pizza dough in the air, similar to making pizza, but as its size increases, it furiously spins lacerates its surroundings, its spinning speed also increasing as time passes. The cuts made by the pizza poisons the target.

Skewering Pasta[]

Poison Cooking: Skewering Pasta[citation needed] is poison cooking in the form of sharp and hot uncooked pasta that can be used from a distance. When thrown at the enemy, is so incredibly hot and sharp that it can pierce through skin, resulting in a deadly weapon.

Large-Scale Buffet[]

Large Scale Buffet.png

Poison Cooking: Large-Scale Buffet (ポイズンクッキング大型料理, Poizun Kukkingu Ōgata Ryōri?) is simply a larger scale attack of Poison Cooking, throwing more poisoned food to increase the rate of the foe's incapacitation.[6][2]

Sakura Mochi[]

Poison Cooking: Sakura Mochi (ポイズンクッキング溶解さくらもち, Poizun Kukkingu Yōkai Sakura Mochi?) is a poisoned ball of sakura mochi that can be thrown. Upon contact, it dissolves or melts the target in moments.

It was first used when Gokudera refused to let Bianchi help Tsuna and Yamamoto solve a math problem.[7][8] It appeared again to open the gate to Kokuyo Land.

Poisonous Cobra[]

Poison Cooking: Poisonous Cobra[citation needed] A poisonous cobra is thrown to bind the target, effectively immobilizing him or her.

Jellyfish Fry[]

Jellyfish Fry.png

Jellyfish Fry (くらげ姿焼き Kurage Sugata-yaki) is a used by Bianchi by throwing a jellyfish-turned-poison-cooking to its intended target to melt it or to "fry" it. Its melting power is powerful enough to instantly destroy a bridge upon contact.

It was first used when Tsuna was chasing a delivery truck to get back the object on the truck.[citation needed]


Poison Cooking: Lunch is simply ordinary poison cooking packaged into a bento, which, upon consumption, poisons the consumer.

After Bianchi had announced her mission to kill Tsuna, she switched his normal bento for one of her own - the gas rising up from this alone was enough to kill birds flying directly overhead.[citation needed]

Bug Soup[]

Green-yellow Wild Bug Cold Soup (緑黄色野虫のコールドスープ, Ryokuōshoku Yachū no Kōrudo Sūpu?) is a liquified version of the rest of poison cooking and, as its name indicates, has bugs crawling through it. Brought to Kokuyo Land as a snack during the rescue mission of Futa, this was destroyed after M.M's attack.[6][2]

Violet Poison Deeper Crimson[]

Bianchi's ultimate move, everything she touches is turned into Poison Cooking.


PC Cookies.png

Poison Cooking: Cookies is Bianchi's first instance of Poison Cooking. It was first made for Hayato Gokudera's piano recital when they were children. It caused Gokudera to play haphazardly, and led to his sister-related trauma.

Bianchi also uses a type of cookies that made a sound or would expel something that could be seen from the consumer's stomach to track down Gokudera when he attempted to run away from home.

Traditional Food[]


Poison Cooking: Traditional Food is Poison Cooking in the form of traditional Japanese food that incapacitates the consumer. It is made during the New Year, when Bianchi chases Gokudera around, trying to get him to try her food.[citation needed]

Slippery Dumplings[]

Slippery Dumplings[9] when thrown the dumplings spread out and stick onto the target, restraining them against a wall or such.

Used on Dr. Shamal when he tried flirting with Bianchi and ended up getting all his limbs and head stuck to the wall.[9]


Bianchi forms the snowball then imbues it with her poison cooking poison, poisoning the snowball. When thrown, the target that the snowball hits will be incapacitated.

During the snowball match against Tsuna and Dino's team, successfully rendering two of Dino's subordinates unconscious, Bono and Ivan.[10][11]

Python ingredient[]


Originally, Bianchi planned to buy a sloth, but instead bought a python (錦蛇, Nishikihebi?) for poison cooking, as she believes it'll taste better. It is unknown if this python survived or has already become Poison Cooking. According to Futa's rankings, a python is the 3rd best ingredient for Poison Cooking.[12]

Mini Pizza[]

Poison Cooking - Mini Pizza.gif

Poison Cooking: Mini Pizza appeared during the karate club's attack on the boxing club, who were attempting to make Kyoko their manager. Bianchi aided Tsuna by throwing numerous poison cooking mini Pizzas at the karate club, leaving many karate members smothered in her poison cooking.[13]


Juice is a liquid form of poison cooking, upon consumption will poison, incapacitate, or kill the consumer, possibly all. Its poison was so powerful that a crown flying overhead died just from the fumes it emitted.

When Bianchi first appeared in Reborn! attempting to assassinate Tsuna, she gives him some canned juice. Tsuna's bad reflexes came in and he dropped the juice and as he was about to catch it; he then sees purple smoke and watches in horror as he discovers it was actually poison, which was strong enough to kill a bird above him just with the fumes.

Special Cake[]

Poison Cooking: Special Cake[citation needed] When the girls baked cakes to give to the guys, Bianchi, knowing that Tsuna would want Kyoko's cake, swapped it for one of her own poisonous ones.

A more powerful version of this is the Complete set that she was planning to feed Tsuna but as soon as she sees Lambo and mistake her for Romeo, she launches this attack at him instantly, leaving him unconscious.

Wedding Cake[]

Poison Cooking Wedding Cake.png

Poison Cooking: Wedding Cake is simply a larger piece of poison cooking that incapacitates and/or poisons the consumer upon consumption. It was made for Bianchi and Reborn's wedding. Bianchi specially prepared a wedding cake entirely composed of Poison Cooking.[citation needed]


Poison Cooking: Shortcake is a small, violet cake used by Bianchi most of the time when she is in real combat. Usually, this is the finisher used after the Large-Scale Buffet. It is Bianchi's most used type of Poison Cooking, used in many different circumstances. In the future, this poison cooking was used against Ape with modified functions, turning it into Poison Cooking: Smoke Bomb, which causes a poisonous gas explosion upon impact.

Smoke Bomb[]

Poison Cooking: Smoke Bomb is a modified and larger version of Poison Cooking: Shortcake that has different effects. When it hits something, the smoke bomb explodes, releasing a large amount of toxic purple gas into the air, incapacitating any that are caught in it.

Exploding Cake[]

Poison Cooking Mine.png

Poison Cooking: Exploding Cake[citation needed] is a type of Poison Cooking that is set in one place, usually someplace where the opponent cannot see. It is a mine type of bomb that detonates upon Bianchi's instruction.


  • Pythons is ranked third in the list of the best ingredients for Poison Cooking.