Byakuran conquering the timelines

The Phalaenopsis Paradox is a theory supporting Byakuran's powers. Different than what we know, there is an innumerable set of Parallel Dimensions, or Timelines, with each of them occurring side by side to each other. In each of them, for the purposes of this story, there’s a Reborn, a Tsuna, a Shoichi Irie, a Byakuran, etc. However, the circumstances they are in and the interactions of these people are all different.[1][2]

Branching futures[edit | edit source]

The Different Worlds

The Parallel Dimensions or timelines branch out, depending on the choices people make. Reborn gives the example of himself and Tsuna:

  • In the timeline we know, Tsuna has the chance to meet Reborn. There are two outcomes of this: 1. Tsuna meets Reborn and becomes the 10th Vongola Boss or 2. Tsuna does not meet Reborn and continues to be a whiny spineless Adult.
  • These two outcomes result in two Futures, and thus, they create two Timelines, or, in other words, two Parallel Worlds.
  • These two Timelines are independent of each other, and neither timeline knows about the other.
  • Each Timeline is further divided, as other decisions are made with their own outcomes. So, from two Timelines, we get four more branching Timelines, four Parallel Worlds. These four Timelines create eight more. And so on and so forth, infinitely.

Normally, different timelines are independent of each other, and no timeline knows about what the other are doing. There will be the same people in each dimension, but they don't know what they are doing in the other one or that they even exist.

Byakuran's case[edit | edit source]


Because Byakuran has a special ability, he is synchronized with all his selves in all these Parallel Worlds. In other words:

  • Byakuran knows all about the things in every Parallel World.
  • He has an access to all his selves in each world, learn what they learn, know what they know, and use it in any Timeline where he is.

The majority of the Timelines are already destroyed and dominated by Byakuran, but there is just one timeline, a.k.a. one Future, where all the factors and people fall into the correct place with the possibility existing where Byakuran can be defeated.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Phalaenopsis is a name of a group of orchids which create new branches when you divide the original branches.

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