The Pellicano di Pioggia is a Rain-attribute Bird-type Box Weapon used by Olgert.

Plot Overview[edit | edit source]

Olgert used the Pellicano di Pioggia and Elefante Forte Pioggia against Fran, Belphegor, and Xanxus during the main battles in Italy between the forces of the Millefiore Famiglia and the Vongola Famiglia.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Pellicano di Pioggia can store Rain Flames similar to water inside its throat pouch. Its attack power is weak, but the large quantity of Rain Flames it releases from its throat pouch contains digestive powers that applies Tranquility on the Flames of other attributes. Because of that, its main role is that of a support weapon.

  • First Flooding (第一次注水, Dai Ichiji Chūsui?)
  • Second Flooding (第二次注水, Dai Niji Chūsui?)
  • Thrust (突き, Tsuki?)
  • Special Attack (特攻, Tokkō?)
  • Getto D'acqua (放水(ジェット・デゥクア), Jetto Dukua (Hōsui)?)
  • Grande Getto D'acqua (大放水(グランデ・ジェット・デゥクア), Gurande Jetto Dukua (Daihōsui)?)
  • Super Getto D'acqua (超放水(スーペル・ジェット・デゥクア), Sūperu Jetto Dukua (Chōhōsui)?)
  • Maximum Defense:[1][2] (最大防御, Saidai Bōgyo?) A huge wall of Rain Flames. The Rain Flames' Tranquility characteristic nullifies and protects the user from incoming attacks. This was first used to block Visone Tempesta's Fiamma Scarlatta.[1][2] Olgert tried to use this to protect himself and Rasiel against Ligre Tempesta di Cieli's Ruggito di Cieli, but it failed.[3][4]

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