Pavone del Sereno, nicknamed as Kuu, is a Sun-attribute Bird-type Box Weapon owned by Lussuria.

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Its design is based on the traditional colors of a peacock. The eyes on its train is covered in Sun Flames.

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It was summoned by Lussuria to heal a group of Varia soldiers.

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The Pavone del Sereno is a support-type Box Weapon used to provide medical treatment to injured individuals. Its healing area-of-effect is comparatively greater than other Sun-attribute Box Weapons, making it useful on times where there are many casualties.

  • Healing (治癒, Chiyu?)
  • Sleeping together (添い寝, Soine?)
  • Tempting (お誘い, Osasoi?)
  • Pheromone Panel (フェロモンパネル, Feromon Paneru?)
  • Healing Panel:[1][2] (ヒーリングパネル, Hīringu Paneru?) By emitting Sun Flames from its train, Kuu can heal wounds with the Flames' Activation characteristic. Despite the Healing Panel's great efficiency, the Sun Flames also cause other cells to activate, resulting in a rapid growth of nails and body hair.

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