The Pantera Tempesta, nicknamed as Uri, is a Storm-attribute Animal-type Box Weapon owned by Hayato Gokudera. It is another form of the Gatto Tempesta after it has been infused with Sun Flames.

Description Edit

After the Gatto Tempesta "incubated" in the pouch of the Canguro del Sereno, all of its features have powered up to the point that it can't even be compared to the Storm Cat. Its offensive power is extremely high that it became the core Box Weapon of the Sistema C.A.I.. However, it can't fully make use of its abilities because its previous form has insufficient combat experience.

Abilities Edit

  • Scratching (ひっかき, Hikkaki?)
  • Tempesta Attack ((テンペスタ)アタック, Tenpesuta (Arashi) Atakku?)
  • Biting (噛み付き, Kamitsuki?)
  • Intimidate (威嚇, Ikaku?)
  • Purring (ゴロゴロ, Goro-goro?)
  • Burning (バーニング, Bāningu?)

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Trivia Edit

  • Uri was shown to be more affectionate towards Gokudera in this form.


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