Pantera is the only known female member of the Tomaso Famiglia. She tries to kill Longchamp very frequently. Her weapons of choice are bladed pinwheels. Longchamp only thinks she's kidding around in her attempts to kill him, however, and dodges her attacks by instinct. When Tsuna asked Mangusta if something happened between them, he nervously refused to comment, implying that something indeed happened (though what happened exactly was never stated).

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She wears a frilly dress and has shoulder-length, dark hair with bangs that cover her eyes.

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Pantera makes various minor appearances throughout the arc accompanying Longchamp along with Mangusta and Lunga.

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  • Along with the other Tomaso Famiglia members, Pantera did not appear in the anime due to severe unpopularity.
  • Pantera is the Italian, Spanish, Latin and Polish word for panther.

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