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The Pacifier Jars are containers invented by Talbot as replacements for the Arcobaleno Pacifiers. There are seven in total, one for each Dying Will Flame of the Sky.


The Jars look like enlarged if somewhat altered versions of the Pacifiers. The "ring" is set atop with thorns coming out the sides of the "guard," The "nipple" is large, round, and clear, with protruding sharp claws at the bottom. Inside along the walls, are eight ovular shapes for the warp holes.


The Flames are continuously cycled in a loop inside the Jar at the speed of light, which produces enough energy to replace the Pacifiers.

A substantial amount of Dying Will Flame was needed to initiate the process in the first place, and it's likely the amount needed was possible only because many of the members of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow were candidates to become Arcobaleno themselves. And the necessary acceleration is also only possible due to the Flame of Night's ability to create consecutive warp holes for the Flames to travel through.


The initiation process.

27 people were seen contributing their Flames to the containers. The following is a list of those people, clockwise in the image.