Overwhelming is the 400th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Bermuda mocks the Green Moska and Verde calls him a bad loser. Jaeger attacks by short warping his hands, causing Green Moska to malfunction due to the detection of multiple heat sources. The disembodied hands slice through Green Moska's arms easily and it falls to pieces. As Verde steps out, Jaeger says that he will spare him because killing Arcobaleno is not his motive.

Troubled, Reborn wonders what Jaeger's weakness is. Jaeger moves on to his next target, Mukuro, and appears behind him. Mukuro attempts to block the assault but his trident breaks and he is injured. Jaeger comments that the damage inflicted is too shallow and prepares to stab Mukuro again but finds his hand binded by Dino. However, by short warping and leaving his hand behind, Jaeger slashes Dino's torso. Jaeger's hand escapes the bullwhip and heads for Dino's face but it is deflected by Hibari, who tells Dino that he has repaid his debt. Hibari attacks Jaeger, who deflects the attack. Reborn wonders why Jaeger did not make use of his short warp. Hibari and Mukuro reveal that they had noticed too. However, Jaeger comments that his short warp has no weakness.

Hibari and Mukuro conceal themselves behind the needle spheres created by Hibari. Jaeger attacks but ends up destroying more of Mukuro’s flame decoys. Hibari finds a chance and attacks with his Vongola Gear once more. However does not work as Jaeger is able to short warp and reappear behind Hibari. Before Jaeger's attack can land, he is punched in the face by Tsuna. Tsuna, enraged at seeing his fallen comrades, increases his Flame output as he prepares for battle.

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