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Template:Chapter Infobox Overpowered is the 298th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Vongola expresses their surprise after hearing about the Flames of the Earth. Enma continues to say because of that power, the Simon Famiglia is brother to the Vongola Famiglia and it is for that reason that they have been betrayed. Tsuna tries to reason with him, saying that hurting people will not regain their pride. However, Enma ignores him and tells his guardians to stand aside, since he will take care of Tsuna and his Guardians alone. Tsuna and his guardians get ready to fight but before they can even move, Enma easily handles Ryohei, Gokudera, Chrome and Hibari, saying that he almost believed in Tsuna.

Tsuna watches as his friends get defeated and Enma tells him that he wanted him to feel the first Simon boss' pain. The Guardians try to stand up, but Enma uses his power to press them into the ground, destroying the Vongola Rings in the process. Tsuna charges at Enma, telling him to stop. As the two clash, their rings begins to glow, similar to the first time they touched. Enma overpowers Tsuna and sends him crashing through the ceiling. Adelheid comments on the Vongola's strength and tells them that Enma's power is only a seventh of the power he will get after seven days. Just then, the Varia and Dino arrive and tries to help Tsuna, but Adelheid traps them before they can move. Enma then tells his Family to leave for the time being, since they still haven't felt the pain Simon have gone through. Before leaving, Julie picks up Chrome, saying that they have date plans. Tsuna tries to go and get her back but Enma attacks him again and destroys his ring. As Tsuna falls to the ground, the Simon Famiglia leaves, stating that today was the start of Vongola's end, and the beginning of a new Simon...