Origanum[1][2], commonly referred to as Oregano, is one of the few known members of CEDEF and a subordinate of Iemitsu Sawada.

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She has straight light brown hair partially worn in a bun, purple eyes, and wears glasses. She is always seen wearing a black suit over a white undershirt and a black tie.

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Varia Arc Edit

In her first appearance, she makes a report to Iemitsu about the situation regarding the CEDEF and Varia. The Varia have located the base of the CEDEF, but "all 6 members" have escaped and are making their way to their current location, Vongola HQ.[citation needed] 

Next, she fought alongside Turmeric and Lal Mirch when they invaded Vongola HQ so Iemitsu could talk to and, if necessary, rescue the Vongola Boss. She and Turmeric found the censored Moska plans and discovered that they sent one to the Varia. After they met back up with Iemitsu, the fake Vongola IX gave them enough information to realize that the real Vongola Nono was in fact inside the Gola Moska that was sent to the Varia. Unfortunately, they were too late to stop the Cloud Ring Battle.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc Edit

Oregano was seen with Basil informing Iemitsu that they had an Arcobaleno customer. Later, she confirms with Lal Mirch that she was going to fight as their customer's representative. Oregano then arrives in Japan along with Turmeric, Basil, Lal Mirch, and Iemitsu, greeting Nana Sawada when introduced by Iemitsu. She is later eliminated on the first day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow by Team Verde.

Appearances in other media Edit

In X-Fiamma, she recorded Moretti's account of Ottavio's doings.

Trivia Edit

  • As with most members of CEDEF revealed, she is named after a spice, origanum.
  • Oregano is the first CEDEF subordinate under Iemitsu to be introduced.
  • Oregano came in 9th most popular female character in the second popularity poll .

References Edit

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