Opposition is the 325th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Kaoru Mizuno stabs Demon Spade, enraged at him for using the Simon Famiglia as his playthings. However, Demon manages to use an illusion and stabs Kaoru from behind, revealing that he controls not only the Mist Flame of the Dying Will Flames of the Sky, but he also commands the power of Desert Flame of Dying Will Flames of the Earth. Kyoya Hibari then challenges him into fight. Hayato Gokudera yells that he ran out of stamina and he can't beat Demon in a fight. Demon tells Hibari that Gokudera's right, but Hibari insists that he could be bluffing.

Demon, then, orders Chrome Dokuro to create a Mist Barrier with her technique, Cortina Nebbia, to trap Tsunayoshi Sawada and the others since he realizes that it will be troublesome if they all attack him at once. Realizing something wrong with Chrome, Tsuna asked why she listens to Demon, to which Chrome replies that she belongs to him and thus, so does Mukuro's body. Demon explains that in order to create a strong Vongola Famiglia after Tsuna and his family are gone, he will need a strong, tough, and healthy vessel—to which Mukuro is the perfect candidate. Reborn notes that most likely, in order to interact with reality, Demon needs to be inside a body; hence using Chrome as a means to get to Mukuro. Hibari gets ready to bite him to death, saying that Mukuro is his prey. Demon ignores him and explains to the Vongola that the if they destroy the mist barrier, Chrome will die. As the Vongola express their surprise, Demon thinks that he found their weakness.

Just then, Kaoru attacks Demon from the side. Demon gets irritated and slices Kaoru across the chest while Adelheid Suzuki tells Kaoru to run. Demon thanks Kaoru for eliminating the Vongola Rain Guardian. He is about to stab Kaoru when Yamamoto suddenly intervenes and blocks Spade's scythe. Everyone gets shocked and Yamamoto apologizes to Tsuna for running in late. Yamamoto then uses his sword to get Demon to stay away, asking Kaoru if he is alright. Kaoru stares at Yamamoto and asks him why he saved him for he (Kaoru) tried to kill Yamamoto. Yamamoto smiles and answered, "Of course! That's what friends are for.", causing Kaoru to start tearing up.

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