Operation: Assassinate Tsuna is the 53rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Seeing that the two assassins are planning to harm Tsuna, Baby Gokudera pulls out some of his dynamites in order to protect his boss. Parenza and Tras sees this but ignores it since they have their camouflage and proceeds their plot to assassinate Tsuna.

Back at the house, Tsuna tries to get Baby Gokudera to let go of the dynamites but he ignores him and begins to argue with Kyoko again, still unaware of his condition. Just then, Yamamoto arrives to check on how Tsuna and Kyoko are doing with their homework. Baby Gokudera then tells Yamamoto to get rid of the enemies outside but, after being informed by Tsuna that he is Gokudera's counsin, Yamamoto lifts Baby Gokudera, angering him even more. Lambo then arrives and did not notice that Gokudera has turned into a baby. He demands him to be his follower and tells him that he will beat him up, causing Baby Gokudera to attack him out of anger. Baby Gokudera then notices that the two assassins have already infiltrated the house and finally realizes that he turned into a baby when Yamamoto comments on his short legs. He then sees Tsuna about to be injected with poison which causes him to light up his dynamites and throws them to the assassin. However, he forgot that Giannini modified his dynamites and it turns into birds again.

Gokudera then has an idea and gets Yamamoto to let go of him by asking him to teach him catch. He positions himself in the room opposite Yamamoto and the assassin and orders Yamamoto to throw the ball which he did and causes the assassin's camouflage to malfunction. Gokudera uses the same method on the other assassin and is able to reveal him too. With the assassin's camouflage gone, Reborn and I-Pin arrives and explains to the group that the assassins are wearing a camouflage made by Verde. However, kids are able to see through it due to Verde's design. The assassins ignores this fact and pulls out some guns to kill Tsuna. Tsuna asks Reborn for help but Reborn reveals that the Dying Will Bullet is useless since it was modified and is now dancing. As the assassins points their guns at Tsuna, Tsuna begins to get regretful which causes the Dying Will Bullet to fire itself and gives Tsuna his dying will: to defeat his enemies. Tsuna is able to defeat his enemies. However, Gokudera is unable to return to his original body and blames Giannini and Lambo...

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