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Nuvola Velociraptor

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{{Infobox box weapon
{{Cloud Box Animals
| theme = cloud
| image = [[File:Nuvola Velociraptor.PNG]]
| name = Nuvola Velociraptor
| kanji = {{Ruby|雲|ヌーヴォラ}}ヴェロキラプトル
| romaji = Nūvora (Kumo) Verokiraputoru
| ita name = Nuvola Velociraptor
| ita meaning = Cloud Velociraptor
| users = [[Kikyo]]
| type = Animal
| flame = [[Cloud Flame]]
| manga debut = [[Single Strike|Chapter 268]]
| anime debut = [[Lampow's Shield (episode)|Episode 196]]
The '''Nuvola Velociraptor''' is a [[Cloud Flame|Cloud-attribute]] Animal-type [[Box Weapon]] used by [[Kikyo]].
== Description ==
|Image = Nuvola Velociraptor.PNG
Once opened, the Box releases an army of [[wikipedia:Velociraptor|Velociraptor‎‎s]] toward the enemy. Not only do they come in large numbers, these Velociraptors are extremely agile and highly intelligent. They have claws that can rip through steel and [[Cloud Flame]] tipped tails. They are powerful individually, but have also shown the ability to work together fluidly, capable of performing powerful group-based combos. The combination of these forces make the Nuvola Velociraptors more lethal than an entire army division equipped with the latest weapons.
|Title = Nuvola Velociraptor
|Users = [[Kikyo]]
|Abilities = Absorption
|Manga Debut = Chapter 268
|Anime Debut = Episode 196
== Trivia ==
The '''Velociraptor di Nuvola '''is [[Kikyo]]'s second Box Weapon. This one summons an army of raptors in order to overwhelm the enemy. As stated by Kikyo, dinosaur Box Weapons are much more powerful than normal animals. He also stated that their claws are strong enough to rip through steel and that they have high intelligence.
* As stated by Kikyo, Dinosaur Box Weapons are much more powerful than Animal Box Weapons.
* In ''[[Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Vongola Saikyo no Carnival 4 BLUE]]'', Kikyo's seiyuu, [[Kazuki Kato]], was made to say its name as a tongue twister.
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