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Character Outline

Nosaru is a young member of the Giglio Nero Famiglia and was once a D-rank Black Spell member of the Millefiore Famiglia's 3rd Squad, serving under Tazaru and captain Gamma untill all three defected to join the Vongola. Nosaru is highly respectful of Gamma and Tazaru and refers to both of them as Bro (though it is unclear if they are actually related). He also wears the same outfit as Tazaru and uses the same weapons.

Plot Overview

Future Arc

Nosaru first appeared at an abandoned factory alongside Tazaru while attacking Adult I-Pin, Lambo, Haru and Kyoko. Adult Yamamoto, along with Tsuna and Gokudera, soon arrived to aid their comrades and while Nosaru engaged Yamamoto in combat Tazaru chased Tsuna. Although clearly losing Nosaru managed to knock Yamamoto out, once he was replaced with his younger self. Nosaru then fought Gokudera who had figured out how to use his Box Weapon and used it to defeat Nosaru. Later, after Gamma's defeat, Nosaru was nearly beaten up while trying to calm him, but Tazaru took the hit instead.

Future Final Battle Arc

As the Vongola were being chased by the Six Funeral Wreaths, Nosaru and Tazaru attacked Torikabuto after Gamma took Yuni back; however, they were both easily defeated.The next day, they joined Ryohei, Lambo and Basil to ambush Kikyo. However, his first attack with Tazaru failed, leaving Kikyo free to release an army of Nuvola Velociraptor after which Nosaru was swiftly defeated. Later, he watched in tears as Gamma and Yuni sacrificed themselves to revive the Arcobaleno.


  • Dark Scythe:A Scythe with a blade covered in Storm Flames and has Degeneration Properties and is able to shoots storm flames which explode on impact.


  • Tazaru and Nosaru were the first Millefiore members to make an appearance.
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