Ninth is the 291st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Reborn informs Tsuna, his Guardians, and the Simon Famiglia that the legendary assassination group, the Giegue Famiglia, was attacked. Tsuna begins to worry, and Reborn continues by saying that their bodies were left in shapes he had never seen before and that they had no leads on the culprit. Tsuna begins to worry even more, but his Guardians and the Simon Famiglia promise to protect him and leave to patrol the area. However, Tsuna continues to panic when he is left with Reborn, causing Reborn to suggest that he talks to the Ninth. After saying this, Reborn directs Tsuna to the window where they see the Ninth's Guardians already waiting for them.

Tsuna and Reborn arrive at the hotel where the Ninth and his Guardians are staying. Tsuna is intimidated by the Guardians but is determined to refuse to be the next boss. The Guardians leads Tsuna to the Ninth's room and Tsuna accidentally addresses the Ninth as Grandpa, much to the Ninth's happiness. Timoteo invites Tsuna for a cup of tea. Tsuna tries to start to tell him about refusing to be the next boss, but Timoteo easily reads him and tells him to do as he wish. Timoteo reveals that Uni had already revealed to him about Tsuna's determination to not be the tenth and also about all that had happened in the future in a dream.

Timoteo continues by saying that Tsuna is not meant to be a Mafia boss because of his personality and nature. However, that is the very reasons that Tsuna is the only one who could lead the Vongola back to its original state. Timoteo explains that Tsuna's Family is following in the footsteps of the founders of the Vongola Famiglia, the First Generation Boss and his Guardians. Upon seeing the new form of the Ring that Tsuna has, Timoteo explains that Giotto, like him, wants to destroy the current Vongola and Tsuna remembers the things the Giotto told him during his battle with Byakuran. Timoteo asks Tsuna to reconsider his decision for one more day, since even though he is quite young, he is already ready. Tsuna leaves and arrives at his house, thinking of the things that the Ninth said. Tsuna enters his room to see Enma waiting for him, since it's his turn to guard him and Tsuna starts to ask him something.

Meanwhile back at the Ninth's hotel, Timoteo shows Reborn the item that had been handed down from generation to generation, from the time of the Vongola Primo, the item known as the Sin.

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