Nightmare is the 350th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Reborn was having a dream about before he become an Arcobaleno. In the dream, he points his gun at someone and questions who he is and on whose behalf he comes. A man with an iron hat brings out a Clear Pacifier and reveals that he was gathering the world's strongest "I Prescelti Sette". Reborn awakens from his dream to find Tsuna in front of him and points his gun at Tsuna until Tsuna tells him to calm down. Tsuna asks what kind of nightmare he has, since it was the first time he saw him like that. Reborn explains that he's having unpleasant memory and confesses that he never wished to become an Arcobaleno, but then notices that Tsuna was asleep already.

As Reborn drifts to sleep again, the dream continues to when the man gave him the map where the other selected ones gathers and goes there. There, he met the other Arcobaleno except Colonnello, who wasn't part of the original seven; instead, it was Lal Mirch. However, a voice suddenly says that the dream was nostalgic and Reborn and the others returns to their infant form while Lal and Luce are replaced by Colonnello. This causes confusion amongst them who thought they are having an old dream. The man with the iron hat reveals himself as he explains that they're having the same dream. When the man appears before them, some Arcobaleno prepares to fight but their bodies suddenly cannot move. The man with the iron hat tells them that he has no intention to fight, but to ascertain their determination and give a proposition, confusing them even more. The man with the iron hat then asks if they wanted to be freed from the "curse of the rainbow."

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