Night Assault is the 175th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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The Millefiore forces are approaching the Vongola Hideout, where the Vongola are currently sleeping. Tsuna and Yamamoto wake up after hearing a noise and go to investigate. However, it turns out to be Uri that Hibari caught wandering, drunk, in his place. Gokudera arrives and gets Uri who immediately scratches his face. Hibari threatens to beat them up but leaves, saying that he's sleepy. As he leaves, Gokudera thanks him, saying that he'll repay his debt to him. Tsuna tells Hibari that they should do their best tomorrow but Hibari declines the offer, saying that he wouldn't team up with them and leaves.

Meanwhile, Giannini falls asleep and did not notice the intruders in the monitors. The Millefiore forces arrive at the hideout and begins to dig their way through. However, the three squads that are digging discover a defensive wall over the roof of the hideout. Shoichi Irie orders them to blow up the wall and strike. Immediately after the explosion, the Millefiore forces enter the base, ordered to retrieve the Vongola Rings and kill the guardians if they resist. However, Hibari is waiting for them on the other side of the wall and gets ready to fight the intruders.

Tsuna and the others arrive at the surveillance room where Giannini and Reborn inform them about the situation. Hearing this, Tsuna tries to aid Hibari but is stopped by Ryohei, saying that they would defeat the purpose of Hibari putting his life on the line. Reborn agrees and tells the guardian that in order for them to repay Hibari, they need to succeed in their raid. Tsuna reluctantly agrees to do it and orders Giannini to open the available hatch and the guardians, with Lal Mirch, head to Merone Base.

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