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Nie Brow Jr. is the 9th generation Sun Guardian serving under Vongola Nono of the Vongola Famiglia.


Only color reference for most of the ninth generation.

Nie appears to be one of Timoteo's younger guardians, looking visibly younger than Timoteo and Coyote Nougat. He is usually seen wearing the typical suit of a mafioso, though he chooses to wear a bowtie rather than a typical tie. He has uneven chin-length hair, that appears to be either white or pale blonde. Nie's most distinctive feature is his facial tattoo, resembling a small lizard.


Uncharacteristically for a Sun Flame user, Nie appears to be a relatively quiet and reserved man, speaking very little in his few appearances.

Plot Overview[]

Inheritance Ceremony Arc[]

Nie appears with the other 9th generation Guardians at the hotel, later reappearing when Tsuna went to talk with Timoteo. He is also present during the Inheritance Ceremony, and accompanies Timoteo on the boat waiting on the edge of Simon Island as the 10 generation Guardians battle the Simon Famiglia.

Weapons and Abilities[]

  • Difesa A Circolo: A defensive circle created by him and the other five guardians with the Flames of their Rings.


  • Like other 9th generation guardians, his name comes from a dessert. If you put his first and last name together, his name is "brownie."
  • He seems to have a tattoo on his face that resembles a lizard.