New Item is the 78th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Reborn explains that Leon going through his cocoon stage means that his student is going to face a trial and that Leon disgorges a new item especially for his student . Reborn explains to Tsuna that Leon disgorged a whip and Enzio for Dino when he was Reborn's student, much to Tsuna's surprise. An impatient Mukuro Rokudo attacks with Ken Joshima and cuts Leon. Reborn tells Tsuna that Leon is okay and to catch the items that he ejected which happens to be a pair of woolen gloves, much to Tsuna's dismay. As Ken attacks once more, Tsuna puts on the gloves and repels the attack. Tsuna then notices something inside the gloves and pulls out a bullet. Reborn tells Tsuna to throw him the bullet but Mukuro orders the others to attack him and stop him from shooting the bullet.

However, Reborn easily dodges the attacks and snatches the bullet from Tsuna. He examines it for a moment and tells Tsuna that he hasn't seen something like it before and decides to shoot to see what happens, much to Tsuna's dismay. Just then, Mukuro uses Gokudera to attack Tsuna with dynamites and Reborn readies himself to fire. The dynamites explodes and Mukuro thinks that Tsuna is seriously injured. The smoke clears and Tsuna is revealed to be seriously injured on the floor. As Mukuro approaches to convert Tsuna, Tsuna sees the rebukes of his family and friends due to the effects of the bullet. As Chikusa Kakimoto approaches and begins to stab Tsuna, Tsuna eyes opens and stops the knife with his gloves. Tsuna's gloves then changes forms and Tsuna stands up, determined to defeat Mukuro even if he is dying...

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