New Cambio Forma is the 331st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Tsuna, with his new Version Vongola Gear, escapes the black hole Enma had created; Gokudera mentions that Tsuna's combustion is on a different level from before. Tsuna propels towards Enma, but is pelted by a large amount of rocks and debris torn up from the ground by Enma's Gravity Control. He then hears a familiar voice calling out to him, the owner of the voice pleading for help and that he didn't want to be alone. Tsuna immediately recognizes the voice as Enma's and attempts to snap Enma out of his trance-state.

Tsuna punches Enma to wake him, but his efforts were wasted as Enma was still unable to control his powers. With Enma's powers still spiraling out of control, a large chunk of debris is torn from the ground and thrown towards Tsuna, who made no effort to dodge it. He calls out to Enma again, exclaiming that he was there for him. The out-of-control Enma then begins having flashbacks of his time with Tsuna, and remembers meeting Tsuna, who he considers as a friend. Tsuna then convinces Enma that he was a friend and asks if Enma remembers him.

Regaining control of himself temporarily, Enma wakes up to a headache as the memories of the previous "Keys" were flooding into his mind. In those memories he finds that Vongola Primo did not actually betray Simon Cozzato, and thanks Tsuna for not betraying him either. However, he then exclaims that it's no good, and that he can no longer control his powers. Enma then falls into one of his own artificial black holes and tells Tsuna and the others to run away, Tsuna stays and tells Enma that he would be saved.

The chapter ends with Tsuna beginning a new sequence to counteract the power of the black hole, "Operation XX".

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