Character Outline

Nana Sawada is Tsuna's Mother, who, despite caring deeply for him, has fairly little belief in her son succeeding in life. She does not expect him to get into a good college, has an outburst claiming that her son is a loser, is eternally grateful for Haru wanting to be his girlfriend despite how pathetic he is in her eyes, and etc. She helps feed all the people that are presently living in her house and does not see anything strange with any of them. She seems to be unaware of the fact that both her husband and her son are part of the Mafia.

Future Arc

In the Future Arc, she was revealed to be on vacation with her husband in Italy when the Millefiore Family attacked the Vongola Headquarters; her current condition in the Future is unknown.


  • In the Reborn! Fandom, her number is 77.
  • When Spanner was the guest at the Haru Haru Interview Dangerous, he was looking for a Yamato Nadeshiko (it means a woman with a gentle heart). Reborn said that there's only one woman he knows that fits said description and it was Nana Sawada, even though Haru had been hoping to be the one.
  • She had long hair when Tsuna was still young.
  • Future Haru looks like her
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