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The Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee is a group of prefects at Namimori Middle School. Though they claim to maintain order, in reality, they are a group of delinquents led by Kyoya Hibari. In ten years, its core members would become members of the Foundation.

Known Members[]


  • All of its members, excluding Hibari, have a "regent" hairstyle, like Tetsuya Kusakabe's. And they wear the old Namimori Middle School gakuran-style uniform to follow tradition.[2]
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  2. Amano, Akira. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. Tokyo: Shueisha, 2004–2012. Print. Vol. 7, "When Namimori Junior High opened, our uniform was identical to that style, instead of the one with the blazers we use today. The school Disciplinary Committee follows tradition by wearing the older set." -Tsuna 'Dokusha no Ajito' fanart commentary