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Participants in the Reborn Homeroom

Namimori Homeroom (並盛ホームルーム, Namimori Hōmurūmu?) is a series of episodes featuring the voice actors of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! characters. The episodes were included as bonuses in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn DVD Future BOX. The voice actors play various games and discuss topics about the series.

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Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Chiang, Inamura, and Tsuda.

In Namimori All-Cast Roundtable Discussion (並盛オールキャスト座談会~並盛ホームルーム~, Namimori Ōru-kyasuto Zadan-kai ~Namimori Hōmurūmu~?), the voice actors act as another character from the series. They read from a script and act as the character in that episode. The episodes they acted out were from the Varia Arc and Kokuyo Arc. The first episode is made up of three parts: the Introduction, the Vongola-Style Afureko, and the bidding of Farewells.

It started with Yamamoto and Gokudera's voice actors (hosts of the corner) welcoming everyone to the show. The participants started to personalize their respective characters with their popular catchphrases, personal information and voice. Everyone was asked about their favorite episode in the anime and the reason behind it.

The participants, including the guests got to roleplay a certain character in a part of a certain episode through drawing of lots. The scenes were from Kokuyo Arc to Varia Arc.

The characters bid goodbye and gave a short statement. After everyone was done, the hosts ended the corner.

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Episode 2[edit | edit source]

Namimori Homeroom Future Arc #1 ~The Disciplinary Committee is busy today~ (並盛HR未来編#1~風紀委員は今日も大忙し~, Namimori HR Mirai-hen #1 ~Fūki-īn wa kyō mo ōisogashi~?)

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Episode 3[edit | edit source]

Namimori Homeroom Future Arc #2 ~Mukuro & Chrome's Teaching Show~ (並盛HR未来編#2~骸&クロームに教えまSHOW!~, Namimori HR Mirai-hen #2 ~Mukuro & Kurōmu ni oshie ma SHOW!~?)

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