Namimori is the 257th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsuna and his group arrive in Namimori after using the Flame Ring Teleportation System. Shoichi Irie orders that they should destroy the Flame Ring Teleportation System to prevent the Six Funeral Wreaths from following them. Gokudera wrecks the Flame Ring Teleportation with his Flame Missile, but Byakuran teleports it away before it can crash into the mountains. Tetsuya Kusakabe appears from underground and suggests that they should hide in the Vongola Base, but just then, the Flame Ring Teleportation System reappears. The Funeral Wreaths who teleported spread out to look for the Vongola and the Flame Ring Teleportation System crashes. Hibari heads to Namimori Middle School to engage the enemy. Dino, Kusakabe, and Romario follow behind. The Vongola proceed to their base and Squalo comes with them to send a message.

When the group gets to the base, Squalo calls Lussuria and orders him to send backup, but Lussuria says that the Varia is survivor hunting and Fran is visiting a girl. Suddenly, the communications are cut off and emergency signs start flashing. A section of the base's wall explodes and Zakuro stands there, ready to take back Uni.

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