My Students is the 77th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Mukuro Rokudo reveals that he is still able to use his Six Paths of Reincarnation while possessing others. With the help of his Realm of Hungry Ghosts, Mukuro is able to use the skills of those he possess and uses Gokudera's dynamites to attack Tsuna. Mukuro begins to use his Realm of Hell and Tsuna begins to cower. Reborn tries to get Tsuna to get it together but is stopped by Gokudera's dynamites. Mukuro tries to possess Reborn too by using Ken Joshima but fails since Reborn is able to dodge their attacks. Reborn tells Tsuna that he would not help him and the two continues to dodge the enemies' attacks. Reborn tells Tsuna that he can surpass himself just like Dino who was able to overcome a desperate situation and turn into the Dino they knew today. Tsuna tries to argue back but gets attacked by Gokudera's dynamites. Chikusa Kakimoto then begins to charge at Tsuna but falls halfway through. Mukuro is unimpressed with the bodies he possess, saying that if the body was broken it will not move. Tsuna realizes that Mukuro is forcing to move the body of his injured friends and sees Gokudera and Bianchi's bodies which are full of injuries and wounds. Tsuna tries to beg Mukuro to stop, not wanting his friends to die. As Mukuro's possessed bodies advance, Tsuna turns to Reborn for help but Reborn refuses. When Tsuna argues that he was always there to help him, Reborn attacks him and tells him to vent his true feeling to find the solution. Mukuro is amused by what Reborn is saying and concludes that Tsuna's true feeling are "I want to run away" or "I can't run away because of my friends". However, Tsuna tells Reborn that he wants to defeat Mukuro since he doesn't want to lose to such a cruel person. Suddenly, Leon glows brightly and Reborn tells Tsuna that Leon will finally emerge his wings, similar to the time when Dino became the Bucking Horse.

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