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{{Looking for|type=the character|Mukuro Rokudo}}
{{Looking for|type=the character|Mukuro Rokudo}}
{{Looking for|type=other uses|Mukuro (disambiguation)}}
{{Looking for|type=other uses|Mukuro (disambiguation)}}
'''Mukuro Rokudo''' is the 63rd chapter of [[Akira Amano|Akira Amano's]] [[Katekyō Hitman Reborn!]]
'''Mukuro Rokudo''' is the 63rd chapter of [[Akira Amano|Akira Amano's]] [[Katekyo Hitman Reborn!]]
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==

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Mukuro Rokudo is the 63rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Hibari and the Kokuyo Gang Leader begin their battle. Hibari begins to approach the Gang Leader and begins to sweat as the Gang Leader begins to use a weakness that he doesn't know he has, Sakura.

Meanwhile, Reborn is showing that Leon is unable to control his shape-shifting powers when his tail falls off to Tsuna. Just then, a beaten up Tetsuya Kusakabe is entered to the hospital and Reborn goes to check his teeth. After examining it a bit, Reborn goes back to Tsuna and tells him that he is the cause of all the acts of violence.

Elsewhere, Hibari is unable to get over his weakness to the Sakura and gets beaten up by the gang leader.

Back at the hospital, Reborn is explaining to Tsuna about the victims' missing teeth. The first victim lost all his 24 teeth and each successive victim lost one less than the previous one. Reborn then pulls out a copy of Futa's ranking of Namimori Middle Schools Fighting Strength and Tsuna discovers that the order of the victim matches the list. Reborn tells him that the culprits are not ordinary people since only Mafia members should be able to access Futa's rankings. Reborn the points out that the next victim is the third one and Tsuna begins to panic after reading the name.

Meanwhile, Gokudera is sitting at school and decides to go since there are many absentees. Tsuna is heading to the location of the next victim but is trapped by a net. Tsuna begins to panic but finds out that the ones who caught him are Haru, Lambo and I-Pin who are planning to beat him up before he becomes a victim.

At Kokuyo Land, Mukuro Rokudo and Ken Joshima are talking about Hibari being imprisoned and about Chikusa Kakimoto going after the next victim.

Meanwhile, Gokudera comes face to face with Chikusa and is slated to become the next victim...



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