"Mukuro Illusion" is the fourth and titular chapter of the first volume of Reborn! Secret Bullet novel series.

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It tells the details of the events of how Mukuro took over Kokuyo Junior High School.

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The story starts with a prologue of 50 student delinquents of Kokuyo Middle school who were beaten up, while some were killed by Ken and Chikusa, making the place a puddle of blood. As they continue to beat the rest of them, a student witnessed this and begged for them to stop but to no avail. At this, he rushed to Mukuro who was sitting on the couch while watching the fight and shouted at him to stop Ken and Chikusa since he's their leader and explained to him that using violence against violence is wrong. Mukuro didn't respond to this until the student said that he will do something if he won't stop it and Mukuro questioned what he will do. As fear struck him, he then realized that he was helpless as he recalled the memories of himself before he met them…

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Kabane, the vice president of Kokuyo Middle student council arrived at student council office where the student council president, Masato Hitsuji, was waiting for him. Both of them walked out of the office with a bucket and washcloth to clean the graffiti on the school walls. Apparently, Kokuyo Junior High became known as the bad school where negative rumors spread amongst the neighbors. Masato looked at the condition of the school: garbage all over the halls, graffiti on the walls, windows broken to the point where fixing funds couldn't keep up the damage, therefore, it was left taped up. In addition to that, the majority of students and teachers witnessed the sight and there wasn't a single person take action for it except Masato.

Masato and Kabane tried hard to erase the graffiti on the walls as Masato commented that it would be better if there were many people helping them. Masato remembered that to change the school, he became the student council president and at first, his friends agreed on his idea. However, since his efforts didn't blossom for a long time, his friends left him one by one until he was alone. However, he didn't give up as he believed that small efforts every day will change the school. In the middle of it, Kabane asked how he was able to work so hard even when he's alone, to which Masato answered that he wants to make the school a better place like his ideal world of peace that he had dreamed of. Kabane, who was touched by this, revealed that he admires him and they both continue to work until Yaginuma, the most well-known Kokuyo delinquent at school who said that his efforts were pointless and began to beat him up when Masato refused to use violence.

After he was beaten, Yaginuma revealed that he intended to fight the three transfer students from Italy who were known to have gotten into severe trouble in their previous school that they got expelled from and were sent to Kokuyo, which was like a gathering of punks. Yaginuma claimed that he will show them that he's the boss of Kokuyo before he left Masato. Determined, Masato and Kabane went to Kokuyo Health Land to stop the fight.

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Masato and Kabane arrived at Kokuyo Land. Masato told Kabane to stay outside while he went inside to stop the fight, much to Kabane's protest but he waited as Masato told him to. As Masato was on his way to the theater, he heard screams and shouts. As he arrived at the place, he witnessed a scene that he would describe as hell. The story comes back to the prologue, when Mukuro asked what Masato would do. After several seconds, Masato finally begs for him to stop and asked why he would do such a thing to his friends of the same school. Mukuro asked back why Masato didn't fight for their friends. Before he could answer, Yaginuma, begged Mukuro to stop, admitting his defeat.

As Masato was still unable to answer, Chikusa asked the same question as Mukuro and told him to go home if he’s not willing to do anything since he wants to finish this quickly. Masato hesitates since he felt that he can't just leave Mukuro as he is, but at the same time, he doesn't know what to do until Ken appeared with a tied up Kabane, who got worried and went inside, only to be caught by Ken. Masato pleaded with Ken not to do anything to Kabane, but Ken replied seriously that he only listens to Mukuro.

Masato was lost in his thoughts again as his fear dominated his mind. But he finally acted once Ken was about to finish Kabane off by punching him with karate that he once learned, and was able to escape with Kabane from Kokuyo Land. After they finally reached the street, Kabane thanked Masato but Masato didn’t take his gratitude since he’s terrified of using violence and requested Kabane to forget about it.

Back at Kokuyo Land, Chikusa treated Ken’s injured face that was caused by Masato. Ken impatiently asked if he could kill Masato since he wanted to get some blood fest, but Chikusa answered that he couldn’t and asked him if he wanted to disobey Mukuro’s orders. This finally made Ken stop his excitement. Ken wondered aloud why Mukuro would do something this bothersome, to which someone answered since it was fun. He stated that he wanted to enjoy the outside world a bit since they were finally able to go out for once after a few days ago they managed to escape from the Italian prison. He assured both of them that they would continue to advance their true motive and that he would like to see more people as he revealed his right eye with the kanji for “six”.

The next day, Masato was haunted by his old memories when he accidentally punched his karate partner back when he was younger and then remembered again when he punched Ken yesterday. However, Kabane comforted him, putting him at ease until Yaginuma approached him, taking him to the rooftop, for them to have a talk. Yaginuma admitted his weakness and decided to follow Mukuro like the other students did, out of fear. With rage and regret, Yaginuma said that if he and his group despised him again, he would be as good as dead. Masato asked why he told him this. Yaginuma advised him not to go against Mukuro.

When Masato refused since it would make his efforts go to waste, Yaginuma slammed him against the fence as he shouted at him that there was no meaning behind everything he did from the start. Masato became enraged once Yaginuma pointed out that he’s like a worm and even worse than that. No longer holding his despair anymore, Masato punched him in the face and continued to do so before Yaginuma could fight back.

At the same time in a deserted area, someone went upstairs to the rooftop as he witnessed the event on the place with a pained expression that he covered with his hat. Mukuro arrived and commented that it was rare for him to come to school. The man, who was surprised by Mukuro’s sudden appearance, asked when he did he know. Mukuro replied that he was there and told him that it’s not good for him to peek. The man angrily asked what Mukuro’s planning for the school and became angrier when Mukuro responded to him with a joke. Mukuro asked back why he’s so mad and when the man didn’t answer, Mukuro answered in his place that the man saw himself against Masato and that’s why he came to see him. Mukuro requested him not to interfere with his game even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to do that in the first place and stated that he’s his slave before leaving.

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Few weeks had passed and the school became much better and comfortable like what Masato had dreamt for. He even got an invitation to be transferred to a famous high school that Masato had always wished to go to from the principal and accepted it. When he went back into his office with honor, Kabane turned out to have been waiting for him and asked hesitantly does he use violence to make them obedient to him just like from a rumor that he heard from his friend, Kashima. Masato didn’t reply, instead, he locked the door and faced Kabane before answering that he’s right. He started to ask him if had he done anything wrong and brought up the subject when he punched Ken a few weeks ago before admitting that it was true.

This shocked Kabane who cried that Masato was supposed to hate violence, only to be interrupted by Kabane who smacked him and continued again several times when Kabane didn’t promise him not to tell this to anyone.

The next day, in the morning, students gathered at the message board of the entrance way. Masato looked at what it was and was surprised to see his picture beating up Yaginuma on the rooftop after school. Masato quickly ripped the picture off. Fortunately for him, the photo only showed his behind, hiding his face. At this time, Yaginuma arrived and informed him that Mukuro and his friends had returned. Masato got an idea and decided to force Mukuro to do everything he said thus making him his scapegoat regarding the photos. Confident that he would win, Masato along with Yaginuma and his group went to Kokuyo Land.

Mukuro Illusion image

At Kokuyo Land, Masato and the others confronted Mukuro in the theater. Masato revealed that ever since he met them, he realized that through small efforts every day nothing will change and what is needed is overwhelming power. He stated that he believed in violence before he went to attack Mukuro.

Mukuro easily held Masato’s fist with one hand and quickly defeated him. When Masato thought Mukuro would finish him off, Masato covered his face with his arms to defend himself. However, instead of finishing him, Mukuro looked at him with a saddened face and asked why he had gone this low, which was answered by Kabane who entered the scene and said that that’s what humans are.

Masato asked him what happened to Yaginuma and the others but Kabane ignored this and instead talked to Mukuro, saying that it was an instant for Masato to fall. Kabane continued by saying that Masato was easily drowned by the illusion that was created by him. This confused and shocked Masato. Mukuro spat out with frustration in his tone that everything was as he (Kabane) had planned, which Kabane responded with a smile.

Masato asked who Kabane really is and Kabane answered that he’s the corpse of his dream. Masato then noticed in his right eye that there’s the character for “six”, thus realizing that Kabane is the real Mukuro. Mukuro admitted he's right and that no one named Kabane ever existed. Masato was shocked with the revelation of the Mukuro that everyone knew is not the real Mukuro. The real Mukuro was beside him with a mask called Kabane and pretended to be his ally the entire time, observing Masato’s fall. Masato checked his cell phone and found out that only three days had passed since the battle with Mukuro and Yaginuma happened. The school changed and everything was a mere dream.

Mukuro added that there’s one thing that wasn't part of the dream: the reality of how he got drowned in violence. Mukuro placed his right hand before Masato and said playfully that if he snapped his fingers, the illusion of Yaginuma and the others obedient to him will disappear and the only thing they will remember is the memories of them being abused by Masato. Mukuro counted to three as he said that since Masato believe in violence, this should be fair, ignoring Masato’s pleas.

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Afterward, Ken and Chikusa entered the room, asking if he'd finished. Mukuro answered it was fun and they should've watched with him. Ken replied he wanted to but Chikusa stopped him since Chikusa believed that he would do something unnecessary, much to Ken’s annoyance. After they were calmed down by Mukuro, Chikusa tossed out Futa who he had been tied up by Mukuro and told him that Futa knew who was the Vongola Tenth.

Through this incident, Mukuro completely ruled over Kokuyo Junior High. In the public, he was the replacement of the president who committed a crime with violence. In addition to that, with a source of information in their hands, they were about to move to their true motive to get to the Vongola.

Mukuro looked at the fake Mukuro, Lancia, saying that he would be counting on him too. Lancia asked why he went this far if he only wanted to conquer the school. He was sure that Mukuro could’ve done it easily. Mukuro confirmed that he could’ve just done it but he needed a sacrifice, praying for victory. Lancia asked again why he chose Masato. Mukuro simply answered because his name was nice. The story ended with Mukuro knelt beside Masato who breathed faintly with his face no longer recognizable and whispered to him that humans are wonderful.

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