Mr. Rebokku's Ciao Ciao Interview is a series of DVD-exclusive interviews done by Reborn, each of which features three characters selected by a wheel with the exception of the last episode, which featured four characters. At the end of each segment, one character is deemed the winner; however, the other two characters are usually taken forcefully off the stage, such as by using bungee cords. Mr. Rebokku uses a roulette that selects the participants at the beginning of the Interview. Mr. Rebokku also has the power to take the answers of questions without asking it with his Super Magic, but he only uses it when someone doesn't want to answer. The one with most interesting answer wins.

Mr. Rebokku's Ciao Ciao Interview with Tsuna, Gokudera and Xanxus Edit

First interview

First Interview

It's the first episode of Mr. Rebokku's Ciao Ciao Interview. At the beginning Mr. Rebokku starts to explain his mysterious Interview but Tsuna appears and says it is not mysterious because he explains everything. Mr. Rebokku states that he was just playing and begins the interview with selecting the participants with the Roulette. The Roulette selects Tsuna, Gokudera and Xanxus as participants.
Mr Rebokku's Interview's First Participants

First Participants

Gokudera says hello to Tsuna and Mr. Rebokku then the Interview begins. Mr. Rebokku states that the corner they attend is only for the top members that have been selected from the Anime's Official Popularity Poll for a special interview. He shows the roulette and Tsuna says that Varia are very popular because three of ten from the roulette are from Varia (Squalo, Belphegor and Xanxus).
Tsunas answer

Tsuna's New Year

Then Mr. Rebokku reveals the first theme: New Year's, and asks them what they do during New Year's. Rebors selects Tsuna as the first one which will give the answer. Tsuna says that they normally eat New Years food and then go praying, but Mr. Rebokku stops him and says that he failed. He punishes Tsuna by launching him out of the scene. Mr. Rebokku says that if they say something boring they will disappear with no mercy and Gokudera fearfully states that it was a survival interview.

Xanxus as winner

Xanxus as winner

Mr. Rebokku reveals that the one with the most interesting answer, wins.

Gokudera's turn comes and Gokudera explains he is always running away during New Year's to escape from Bianchi's traditional food. Because of that answer Gokudera passes. Finally Xanxus's turn comes but Xanxus refuses to answer. Mr. Rebokku answers the question by stating the Varia celebrate New Year properly,showing scenes of their activities, with this Xanxus wins. Then Mr. Rebokku launches Gokudera too and says that the answer was what he just randomly thought of.

Mr. Rebokku's Ciao Ciao Interview with Dino, Belphegor and Hibari Edit

Second Participants

Second Participants

Mr. Rebokku uses the Roulette as usual and the Roulette selects Dino, Belphegor and Hibari as participants. Dino ask that is it really okay if it was him, Belphegor laughs and Hibari says that he will bite them to death if they crowd around. Dino tries to calm Hibari down and says that the Interview might become a survival interview. Then Mr. Rebokku states that he wants them to answer him at the same time and reveals the theme: Tsuna and asks them what they do think about Tsuna. Dino says he is still a bit useless but, he is his cute little brother. Belphegor answers as "a normal person" and states him as a prince, everybody looks like common people. Hibari slides over by saying "I don't know."

Hibari's Answer

Hibari's answer

Mr. Rebokku says not bad and passes to the second question: "Yourself" Dino guesses as The Bucking Horse that cares for his subordinates, Belphegor only says that Prince the Ripper but Hibari doesn't answer. Because Hibari refuses to answer Mr. Rebokku decides to use his Super Magic and answers as "Nami-chuu loves the Disciplinary Leader!" Dino and Belphegor laughs at that.

The Result

The Result

Then the last question comes: (1234+5982)x3+22796. Dino protests against that question and after that Belphegor laughs. Mr. Rebokku reveals the winner: Belphegor. Dino asks why and Mr. Rebokku shows the answer 44444 that means shi,shi,shi,shi,shi (similar to Belphegor's laugh). Hibari comments as useless and they get the punishment by to be left under running water.

Mr. Rebokku finishes the Interview with the scene of Hibari pissed off and stating he will seriously bite him to death in five seconds.

Mr. Rebokku's Final Ciao Ciao Interview with Yamamoto, Squalo, Byakuran and Mukuro Edit

3rd Interview

The Third Interview

As usual Mr. Rebokku appears and the Roulette selects the four participants Yamamoto, Squalo, Byakuran and Mukuro. Mr. Rebokku comments as this time's members are pretty decent. Yamamoto says that Varia won twice so he has to work hard this time. Squalo shouts that why he is next to Byakuran and Yamamoto tries to calm him down. Because of Byakuran calls Squalo "Squ-chan" he starts to shout even more. And Mukuro says he came

Last ones

Last participants

back from the other side of the cycle. Then Mr. Rebokku reveals the first theme: Words and asks them their favorite words. Squalo answers as "Pride," Yamamoto answers as "Nine innings two outs grand slam," Byakuran answers as "World Peace" and Mukuro answers as "Reincarnation." Mr. Rebokku says that their characteristic show up then Squalo shouts again and talks on ending it with a fight but Mr. Rebokku ignores him and turns to fan questions. The first question is for Mukuro, asking that what affects the number of "fu's" in his laugh. Mukuro says that he really doesn't think about it but when he talks to Ken or Chikusa it's number increase so when he is in a good mood the number rises. Byakuran comments as Mukuro is funny and laughs by adding a "fu" at the end. Then he asks that is there any question for him too.

Yamamoto's fan question

Mr. Rebokku reads the question that asks his favorite candy. Byakuran says that his new favorite one is Namimori style's Custard Cream puffs.

Then Mr. Rebokku reads a question for Yamamoto asking that is there anyone he thinks that he can't defeat. He answers as there is, his dad. He states that his dad is invincible once starting making sushi.
Squalo's fan question
But Squalo shouts again that he wants to end this with a fight. Mr. Rebokku stops him by reading his fan question that asks what he does on holiday. Squalo answers as he is training in holidays but Reborn says it can't be a holiday when he is working and because of that he uses Super Magic. And the answer is: brushing a shark's teeth. Mukuro says that you can laugh at that and Byakuran finds him funny.


This answer carries him to the position of winner and the others get their punishment.

Suddenly, Mukuro comes again saying he came back from the other side of the cycle and Byakuran also says that he came back from a parallel world. They say that they want to start the interview again but Mr. Rebokku says it can't last forever and says ciao ciao. Then curtain closes and Yamamoto arrives by running asking where is everyone.

Then Yamamoto says ending like that at the last episode is impossible but before he finishes his sentence the scene becomes black and he say that it actually happened.

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  • The Varia won all segments ( Xanxus, Belphegor and Squalo).

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