Motorcycle is the 233rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Everyone is surprised to see Giannini's motorbike. Giannini explains that the modified the motorbike's fuel used Dying Will Flame and is coated with the invisibility power of Mammon's Chain to hide it from the radar. Reborn then informs everyone that they need to learn to drive it while using their Box Weapons and continues to explain that the battlefield will be 10km wide and the motorcycle would be useful. When Gokudera points out that Tsuna already has his own "Motor Energy", Giannini explains that the X-Gloves can be detected on radar and they need to find a way around that problem. Reborn also gives everyone their future selves' driving license, in order to not be caught by police.

The group then heads to the training room where Giannini constructed a simple driving course. Reborn tells Tsuna to go first. However, Reborn's teaching method ends up backfiring and injuring Tsuna. As the training continues, Gokudera, Basil and Yamamoto are able to easily control the motorcycle while Tsuna and Ryohei are having some troubles with Tsuna getting easily exhausted. Just then, Bianchi arrives and announces that the Welcome Back Party is about to begin where they also celebrated the arrival of Basil and Ryohei and with that party their two days of rest ended...

As Tsuna lies on his bed, he examines his Sky Vongola Ring and notices that his Vongola Box Weapon is moving. Tsuna decides to open his box which causes an explosion, causing the others to check on Tsuna. As the smoke clears, everyone sees Tsuna fighting with the thing from the box...

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