Template:WeaponsMosca (Italian for "fly") are large, humanoid robotic suits, equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and firepower. Their heads look like those of actual flies, hence their names. Originally used by the assassination squad Varia of the Vongola Famiglia, they are a strong addition to the Millefiore Famiglia's army in the future. Spanner of the Black Spell in the Millefiore Famiglia is the chief expert and developer of the Mosca series.

Gola Mosca Series

Gola Mosca (Italian for Throat Fly or maybe intended as Gluttony Fly) appears to be the first series of the Mosca weapons, weighing 957 kg and having a tall height of 230 cm. Originally a weapon built by the Military, it was covered up until the Vongola began working on it themselves. The Military stopped developing the Mosca weapon because it required a human life force that could use a strong Dying Will Flame for its own power. The Varia owned a prototype of the Gola Mosca series that had a deactivation button on its back, as well as an advanced model with no deactivation button. Once the advanced model began attacking, it was believed to be unstoppable. The newest model of the Gola Mosca was dressed as an official member of the Varia and was treated as the potential Cloud Guardian for Xanxus's Family. It was, however, quickly defeated by Hibari and lost its right to the ring. Unfortunately, Hibari failed to fully deactivate Gola Mosca, and it began to rampage, attacking anything its sensors picked up as alive. When Tsuna arrived, he was able to overpower the weapon and sliced it in half, revealing the restrained and bloody body of the 9th Vongola Boss. Xanxus used this situation to frame Tsuna, and become the 10th Boss with loyalty from the majority of the Vongola Famiglia. Gola Mosca, as a Varia member, represents the sin of Gluttony, because Beelzebub, the demon of gluttony, is called the "Lord of the Flies" and takes the form of a giant fly.

Weaponry & Armaments:

  • Jet-Propulsion Legs - Gola Mosca can open the back of its legs, revealing two rockets on each leg, allowing it to charge forward and even fly at amazing speeds for its size.
  • Finger Guns - Gola Mosca's fingers are each the barrel of a gun, and capable of firing consecutive shots.
  • Sensors - Gola Mosca's sensors are very sensitive, being able to pick up the slightest movement and targets anything living thing it picks up.
  • Missile Launchers - Multiple missiles can be fired from the weapon's shoulders and the packs on its back.
  • Compressed Particle Beam - The chest armor holds a circular device, capable of releasing a beam of pure energy. The beam can hit from long distances, and only Dying Will Flames have been shown to be able to it.

Strau Mosca Series

Strau Mosca

Strau Mosca

3 Strau Moscas

Strau Mosca are the upgraded version of Gola Moscas utilized by the Millefiore ten years into the future. They have the power to sense any type of ring that is uncovered by a Mammon Chain. Which leads to one finding Tsuna, Lal, and Gokudera when the first and third two arrive in the future. Four of them were again seen in combat against Tsuna when he split off from the main invasion force to act as a decoy so the rest could make their way to the White Round Machine. They are much larger than the their predecessors, and are covered with 20,000 layers of nano-skin. Even Tsuna's Zero Point Breakthrough First Edition was only enough to freeze 16,738 layers of it. And as long as the ingenium core isn't frozen, Strau Mosca won't die.

King Mosca

King Mosca

King Mosca

Strau Mosca have a curious ability absent in their predecessor. When Spanner calculates the power level of Tsuna after using Zero Point Breakthrough Custom, he estimates him to have increased in power 172%, or 1.7 times and comments that it was high for a human. Two Strau Mosca shoot Dying Will Flames at a third and power him up to King Mosca status. However, the two Strau Moscas use up all their energy and are unable to fight or use any of its abilities. At this point, it appears that the only difference from an ordinary Strau Mosca is increased power.

Mini Mosca

Mini Mosca

The Mini Mosca

A minature version of the Mosca. It was created by Spanner to help him with his day-to-day activities. It has an built-in microwave, a storage of Spanner's lollipops, and some other features which help serve Spanner's basic needs. It is useful with house chores, it has guns for fingers like the previous Gola Mosca. The Mini Mosca shows an unusual connection to Spanner, sacrificing itself to ensure Spanner's safety even after Spanner repeatedly ordered it to stop.

Virtual Mosca

Virtual mosca

Virtual Mosca

Virtual Mosca was the Mosca used during Tsuna's training in the virtual space Spanner had created. It is only an image; however, when fighting against it in virtual reality, its skills are equal to those of a real Mosca or even greater, depending on Spanner's settings. During the fight with Tsuna, Spanner upgraded the Virtual Mosca twice by increasing its overall power and by adding more weapons and armor.

Anti-Byakuran Mosca

Anti Byakuran Mosca

An incomplete Anti-Byakuran Mosca

After the battle with Byakuran, Spanner traveled to the destroyed Vongola HQ to try and build a Mosca to help defeat Byakuran; However, before he could complete it, the Vongola had already defeated Byakuran, making his efforts in vain.

Green Mosca

Green mosca
Created by Verde, using the latest Mosca frame built by Spanner and adding his cutting-edge military technology created this super robot. Verde needed to release his curse to use it because the Mosca require a lot of flame energy to work. The Green Mosca is equipped with a heat sensor to locate the enemy even if they can warp. Its main weapon is a laser called Sonic Laser. It has a retractable arm called Quick Arm and can use a powerful technique using the Flames of the Sky called Solid State Attribute Flame Blast.


  • The Mosca used in the Varia prior to its destruction was given a character song, Hakai no Kuro Kumo. However, because the Mosca couldn't speak, the song is an instrumental.
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