Moretti is known by the name of "Moretti the Murdered". He is a member of the Vongola Famiglia with the skill to stop his own heart so that he appears to be dead. He was first introduced as part of a test made by Reborn for Tsunayoshi Sawada to see how Tsuna would react if he thought he killed somebody.


Moretti is tall and lean with small eyes and a small nose, also having thin lips. He wears a black beanie and coat, as well as a yellow collared shirt underneath.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

Moretti makes his first appearance faking his death as a thief to help Reborn gauge Tsuna's reaction at killing someone.


Moretti had gone undercover as one of Ottavio's underlings in the Varia. The CEDEF had found out that Ottavio was building weapons with the support of the Italian military. So his goal was to find evidence incriminating Ottavio.

The ones who had been under-dealing with Ottavio were found out by the higher-ups in the military and went to Ottavio for help. But, Ottavio had no intention of helping them after they'd stopped being useful to him. In revenge, they'd attacked Mafia Land and taken 150 guests hostage, demanding 20 million euros in exchange. During the mission to save the hostages, which Ottavio was responsible for, Xanxus reveals himself.

Xanxus, in his confrontation with Ottavio, executed Ottavio and all of Ottavio's subordinates. Moretti barely escaped with his life, though he was seriously injured and left traumatized. He determined that Xanxus could not become Vongola Decimo after the event, and resolved to help Tsuna.

Varia Arc

Moretti with Iemitsu and CEDEF.

When the CEDEF are invading the Vongola headquarters to determine the Vongola Nono's safety, Moretti had been working as a spy in the Vongola HQ for Iemitsu Sawada; as such, during the invasion, he snuck up on a Moska prototype by stopping his heart, thus being invisible to the Moska's life sensors and shut it down. He then warned the CEDEF that the Gola Moska which the Varia had received was not a prototype and had no off switch so that if it rampaged, it would be "unstoppable."



  • Addio, lit. "goodbye" (さようなら(アッディーオ), Addīo (Sayonara)?) is an ability that allows the user to stop their own heart from beating. Combined with dilated eyes and blood coming from the death wound and mouth, Moretti can essentially fake his own death.


  • He has the same voice actor as Ushio Ooyama, a minor character who only appeared in an anime filler.



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