Morette was a light novel-exclusive character that was one of the subordinates of Ottabio, former vice-captain of Varia. After Ottabio and his fellow subordinates were massacred, Morette was left alive and brought in for questioning.

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Hidden Bullet: X-Fiamma Edit

Morette is summoned, along with Ottabio's other subordinates, to battle against Xanxus and the other Varia members in Ottabio's defense from Xanxus's attack on him for his treachery. However, after Mammon saved Xanxus and turned the tide of battle against Ottabio, Ottabio and his other subordinates are killed and Morette is brought in for questioning. After the Vongola Ring Conflict between Tsuna and Xanxus where Xanxus lost, Oregano of CEDEF interrogated him and Morette gave a testimony of Ottabio's betrayal of Xanxus to the Vongola Nono and how he engaged in illegal activities such as smuggling firearms from the Italian Army.

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